Michael Vick Shows Up At Dog Training Class With Belgian Malinois

Michael Vick posing with a PetSmart employee and his puppy, Angel.

Michael Vick posing with a PetSmart employee and his puppy, Angel.

Michael Vick, the most famous Dogfighter in the world, oh, and an NFL quarterback, was spotted at a dog training classes at his local PetSmart, with his Belgian Malinois puppy, Angel.

Vick served federal prison time for running a dog fighting ring in his backyard. During the court hearings, witnesses testified that he cruelly tortured and killed dogs that lost in the ring, by hanging, shooting, drowning and electrocuting them.

And now he’s signed up for six, Monday Night training classes at his local PetSmart.

Has this world gotten crazier? Are we living in the Matrix? Or, is Vick doing the right and responsible thing?

That’s up to you to decide.


  1. karen says

    No words! Just so SHOCKED that he is allowed to have a dog. I don’t care that “he served his time”. He should NOT have a dog!!!!! Just sad!

    • Barb says

      Don’t hold it against Petsmart. They did not give him the dog. The best thing now is for the trainer to do her/his best job and hope that him having to take the dog out in public keeps this dog safe… at least for the time that it is in class

      • Kait says

        Actually, Petsmart is known for banning any sort of “pitbull like dog” from their stores. So boycott away.

        • Krista says

          I don’t think that’s true, at least for the classes. I took their training classes with my dog when we first adopted him and there was a pit mix in our beginner class and in our intermediate class. I don’t know about the grooming thing, though.

  2. says


    • says

      not true the us human society CEO said he stood behind Vick to be a dog owner again, right after he was released from prison for federal racketeering charges. Human Society is no better then PETA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Desiree Wallis says

    Everyone else already said that, I just read the other comments. lol. Sorry for repeating us all.

  4. FA in GA says

    My question is where did he get the dog! That is the place to start to right this unconscionable wrong!!!

  5. hannahphe says

    Really? Men who beat their wives are able to have a relationship again, and most likely, they didn’t serve time…and A LOT of time. He was dead wrong, but let the guy live his life. I think there are far more pressing issues in this world than Vick owning (and training) a dog…

  6. says

    He was only banned from owning a dog for 3 years. He said, this was a few months ago when that ban was ending, that he wanted to get a dog for his kids. Don’t boycott PetSmart. He has a dog now, too late, so he might as well get the dog some training. Don’t punish the trainer. He should never have been allowed to own a dog, that’s the worst part. Get your kids another type of pet. I still don’t think he should have any pets. Boo hoo, my kids want a dog. Well, then you shouldn’t have been a dog murderer. Vicktory dog reunion next week at Best Friends.

    • Not falling for it! says

      He’s not getting training at petsmart for training sake. It’s all PR. That’s it. He has the money to go anywhere. He wants the good PR. Screw him & petsmart for allowing him to use them to boost his PR!! They are doing it for the free advertising to his stupid fans. Don’t be fooled.

  7. Dee says

    He should not be allowed to be near any animal never mind own a dog or have anything to do with them – This flaw in the law is what make the system not work and these kinds of scumbags just get away with it or are back doing the same thing again in no time – it is wrong !!!!!

  8. Dee says

    I suspect something fishy – and if so, some poor animal might have to pay the price for his next inhumane greedy selfish act…. not fair, not just, its a disgrace that he is still allowed to be involved with dogs – I mean are child molesters allowed to hang around with children or go and work at a school?

  9. cathylynn127 says

    this should not even get any publicity. not news worthy. throw him to a pack of wolves…………

    • Rdot says

      Wolves are not killers of people. This animal is also suffering terribly from “bad press” spreading lies about their behavior.

  10. Marie Diamond says

    I just called Pet Smart corporate and they said they are aware of the picture and are checking into how and why it was posted. I called 888-839-9638 pressed 0 and then asked to be transferred to someone about this picture. Please call and complain also.
    . This is equilivant to putting a picture up of a pedophile at a day care center. *&^%%$#%^&*

  11. says

    Would you rather he went back underground? Smarten up people, you’re still resentful of his success and his comeback. Don’t dwell on the past, rather, put your energies into ensuring it never happens again. He could very well be what tilts the scales against the dog abusers.

    • says

      do you really believe this , excuse me once a pos always a pos, hes not sorry for killing those dogs, sorry he got caught. but like i said there is a special place in hell for vick.

  12. says

    A Belgian Malinois is hardly what you would call a family pet. They are highly intelligent, bred to guard, attack, snif for bombs, drugs and other contraband. Oh and the Nazis were fond of using them to keep the Jews in line. Also a Belgian was used in the team that took out Bin Laden.

    • says

      so maybe the a$$ hole is thinking about dogfighting again. hes not sorry for killing those dogs, just sorry his a$$ got caught. people better watch that dog and the pos, so that this dog doesnt get killed by this pos.

    • HOlivera says

      You are correct. The Belgian Malinois is a highly intelligent K9; they are also very eager to please which is why security and policing personnel use them. Their learning capabilities far surpass those of “sit, stay, and fetch” but understand that they learn and are trained to carry out commands just like any other dog; they are not “bred to guard and attack.”

      Also, just so everyone knows the overall natural disposition of a Belgian Malinois is loving, playful, and loyal…they love to be social and yes, they make excellent family pets (particularly in families with children).

      I understand that you may be upset about Vick having a dog; however, as a pet advocate, I have to say that your correlation of a Belgian Malinois to “keeping Jews in line” is almost as offensive. This is the same line of thinking that has caused pit bulls to have such a bad reputation. Your comment almost insinuates that this breed is “bred to hate” and nothing could be further from the truth. Just like any dog (or any human for that matter), a Belgian Malinois will learn what it is taught and will become what its owner/environment creates.

    • k9 says

      A friend of mine is a police officer, his K9 partner is a Belgian Malinois. That dog is extremely intelligent and protects my friend on a daily basis at work. Pictures of him during training are truly frightening. That same dog goes home with my friend every night. There is absolutely nothing frightening about him when he is letting a 1 year old climb on him and pull his ears. When he is not “on the job”, a family pet is exactly what he is. Any breed of dog can be a family pet, it is all about how they are raised.

    • says

      they are a very loving and loyal pet, a good family dog, wonderful watch dog. We have one, yes she is very choosey with who she trusts in our home, but we feel safe and we love her to pieces, we wouldn’t trade her for anything. its all in how they are brought up.

  13. Vicki says

    This horrible person should NEVER have been allowed to be around animals of ANY kind! What the Hell is wrong with our world? Just about everything! And to think he had the balls to have his picture put on here! The sick psycho!!!!!!!!

  14. says

    to be honest Vick disgusts me but i would love to see him take his experience and help dogs especially by making an impact on young people everywhere who think what he did was ok. If he were to actively combat animal cruelty i feel he could do a lot of good but having said that I really have no faith in vick’s moral compass whatsoever.

    • FED UP says

      Do you understand human studies on psychology? Most killers are linked to killing animals before jumping up to humans. ODD link with him and football being so violent too??!! This man has done his time sure for everything outside of what makes us in society the most sick, KILLING AND BEATING animals to death.

      • Sally says

        I’m sure that vick got some sick pleasure from killing the dogs. Come on, normal people wouldn’t be able to do the things he did and live with themselves.

  15. says

    Michael Vick did NOT serve time for running a dog fighting ring. Please do your research an understand what he did time for. It’s the reason that those in rescue are so angry.

  16. Anne W.-Tucson AZ says

    After Wayne Pacelle of Humane Society of the US allowed him to adopt a dog (probably for a huge donation) I stopped supporting them, and I believe many others have too.

  17. HOlivera says

    Someone said it earlier and I would just like to reiterate it: We don’t permit child molesters to be around children for the rest of their lives; why would we ever allow a dog-killer to be around dogs? Is an innocent dog’s life is only worth a 3-year ban?

  18. Cherri says

    I HATE judging people, but this is just wrong. He does not deserve anymore innocent beautiful creatures. The life (and/or death) he gave the others, was tragic and sick. Why can’t we please start checking people out more thoroughly before allowing them to own a beautiful and innocent creature????? WAKE UP WORLD.

  19. Rachel says

    What a sorry piece of shit! Someone needs to be investigating him again!! Once a crazy murderer always a crazy murderer!!!

  20. Denise says

    The scum bag should STILL be in prison as far as I’m concerned! Too bad Vick doesn’t find himself in the fighting ring with a really angry dog! Why is it that we hold movie stars and athletes up as idols for our nation to worship? They prove over and over what they’re really all about; i.e., money and notoriety. What about the men and women who give their lives so we can be free? Those are the real heroes, not these “a” holes.

  21. Texas says

    After his crime!!! Are you kidding? He should not be allowed to ever own an animal of any kind again in his life!!! Not even a family pet!

  22. Anna says

    Shame on PetSmart for allowing this creep through the doors and a dog training class to boot. Vick should be on a short leash and the dog should be taking him for training class.

  23. squig says

    Vick served time for funding a dog fighting operation, and not for racketeering. In court records, however, he admitted to killing dogs. The authorities realized that the penalties for funding the dog fighting operation were stiffer than for killing the dogs, which is why they pursued these charges instead.

    • Alva Cado says

      Breeders sell dogs and for the most part are in it for profit. Anyone with true compassion for animals would never give this a$$ wipe the time of day, much less put an animal in his evil hands. With the pet overpopulation problem, and thousands being euthanized every day, there is no such thing as a “responsible” breeder. It’s irresponsible to add to that problem. If you love the breed, you will go in to breed rescue. Spay & neuter. ADOPT don’t buy!

      • Breeder/Rescuer says

        Alva, yes there is such a thing as a responsible breeder. I am a responsible breeder, I get all my health clearances for my dogs; I breed to only those dogs that do the same. I also will take back any of my dogs at any age. I am not alone there are RESPONSIBLE breeders out there, you just have to do your research. If all breeders are stopped and all the dogs have been adopted then what? I do both; I breed and adopt. Kudos for those that rescue and Kudos for the COE breeders. Stop knocking the responsible breeders; get to know us first.

  24. Sandra Steakley says

    nope he should not be allowed to own dogs or any other pet for that matter. he was very cruel and who’s to say if Angel doesn’t get the same if she has an accident on the rug.

  25. cory koos says

    The only way Vick should be close to a dog, is when the dog visits him, while he’s back in jail where he belongs!!!

  26. says

    I guess you do what the publicist tells you. It isn`t helping his image, it just brings back the horror those poor animals went through. For which he has never been punished or apologized or attempted to begin to try and change. Wouldn`t a public service message stating he did what he did, was sorry-and meant it, and encouraging others to report the same be a much better idea?

  27. Peteyboy says

    People grow up he’s trying to make amends, he knows he screwed up paid for it, and wants to prove to the world he’s a responsible pet owner.

  28. Phillies1Phan says

    THIS MAKES ME SICK !! THIS IS JUST WRONG ! .. What is WRONG WITH Pet Smart ?? So much for the “Smart Part {” — Not very Smart in my opinion !!! Im Mad !!

  29. Sally says

    He’s probably taking the classes so he can train his dog to fight. He shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog or any animal. Hell, it should be against the law for him to have children. Heaven help the kids with his genes and mentality. What the FU@$!!! Normal people can not and would not do what he did to some of his dogs. He is a sick son of a bitch that laughing inside at all of us because he has a dog again. He’s just like a sexual predator except he’s an abuser and I’m sure got some kind of sick thrill or high from some of the methods he used to kill his dogs. I’m sure he hasn’t changed on the inside. He just says the right things in public. Damn!! This really pisses me off!!



  31. dog lover says

    he is just a piece of shit scum of the earth and should have never been able to own any kind of animal again the kids should have been punished for what he did and told no because of what your father did

  32. Yvette says

    the fool in the blue shirt didnt mind this dog killer touching her…she aint much better…vomiting.

  33. leebest1A says

    Nice to have atty, advisor and or PR firm to establish a new persona. Something innately wrong with a person who supports dogfighting and all the horror involved. BAH

  34. dirtywaterlady says

    He is a POS and should not be allowed to own a gold fish. I hate his disgusting guts and wish someone electrocuted him.

  35. Jen J. says

    Never ever should he be allowed around dogs!!! Plain and simple. You can make a mistake, but you don’t shoot, hang, drown and electrocute a living being over and over on a conscious level and then decide to change. That’s like a child molester being able to be around children after they’ve served time. Unacceptable…yes, this world’s gone crazy.

  36. knowthygame says

    I am boycotting Petsmart and Petsmart online. I will always tell any adopter to do the same. This is all about Public image. What famous ball player goes to a group class at Petsmart? As a teacher, I can tell you that the kids he talks to about his experience are two kinds-those that love animals and the ones who don’t know he is full of shit.

  37. Maxine says

    Vick isn’t fighting pits anymore, he’s just changed to another breed, the malinois. Wonder what his plans are for this one. I can’t imagine anything nice. Give it up Vick, you’ll never win over the people on this issue not matter what PR ploy you attempt.

  38. Lisha says

    This asshole should STILL BE IN JAIL as far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t let this Jackass anywhere NEAR my dog, I’d be afraid of what I’D do to the LOW-LIFE LOSER!!

  39. michele says

    A Belgian malinois is a super high energy dog that needs consistant training with an experienced owner. This is a breed that is NOT usually gotten for a family pet. No Vick didn’t want a Pit Bull, only the best family dog you could get, he got a Mal. A breed that is used for police work and protection. I can NEVER forgive him for what he did, and I think he is still not doing the right thing. I know all about Belgian malinois because I am a pet care professional, and a Mal owner and although my Mal is super sweet, great with kids, people, and very smart, he has also gone through extensive training all through his 8 years he b
    been with me, and I have had him since he was 8 weeks!!

  40. says

    The American Belgian Malinois Club and Rescue – “very concerned that Vick is allowed to own ANY dog, but the Belgian Malinois is especially problematic. The breed is highly trainable and they could easily become dangerous if they land in the wrong hands… Belgian Malinois—which are frequently used by the military and police—have the same fighting potential as pit bulls.”

  41. Phillies1Phan says

    The Real CRIMINAL in this Picture has “her face covered” Pet Smart you should be ashamed of yourself !!! What are you THINKING >>??? or in this CASE : NOT THINKING !!!

  42. says

    Burn him and leave him to rot…the air we breathe is too god for this evil idiot, hes utter scum!!! The hustice system FAILS these poor defenceless animals ONCE AGAIN!!! mans best friend? Where did that come from…. oh yes the loyality that a dog gives. Oh and fyrther more they help the police look for bodies, solve murder case, help the blind and the disabled oh and help to sniff out cancer BUT yet their torturers get let off and are alllowed to repeat the same infiction once again on another helpless animal!!! IT HAS TO STOP, THE LAWS HAVE TO CHANGE!!!!!!!!!! The things I have seen, the neglect and the suffering destoys my soul to its core, STOP ALLOWING THIS . And Vick , karma will out in the end and you will rot in hell like you deserve, in this life or the next!

  43. Labsrgr8 says

    Why is this man even allowed to own a dog? He may have served his time according to the law, but it should have been ordered that he not be permitted to own any animals, in fact, I thought that is what had been put into place. Dog training classes at Petsmart? Really? Petsmart just lost my business!

  44. says

    OMG WTH is going on? PetDUMB have you lost your mind in allowing him to take classes with you? Do you want your stores boycotted? I detest this man so much for what he did to those animals, he is nothing but evil! Don’t even try to tell me he is reformed………someone that takes a board and breaks the dogs back, then fries them, isn’t human he’s the damn devil here on this earth………………..go ahead and let your idiot employee suck up to this pos………..I won’t purchase another thing from your store………………….

  45. Jennifer Gill says

    never heard of that breed, but sounds like it could be rare and/or expensive. Either way, makes me wonder if he just decided to torture animals the legal way…run a puppy mill.

  46. Lisa M Fiore says

    M—- F—- really? Just because you get a dog and go to classes doesn’t mean you are a good owner, I think whoever stated that you could have a dog should also go to hell!!

  47. nanette says

    this disgusting human being should never own a dog or any other animal ever again. did you see the pics of how he strangled them and electrocuted them.really, see what money can do.how about the ones best friends sanctuary had to put down because they could not over come the abuse they endured. he is a pos!!!!

  48. says

    <3 what the hell is happening here? seems like criminals have all kinds of rights!! that is a very special kind of breed, a wonderful dog, don't let him have her, he's a sick person who takes his frustrations out on poor defenseless animals! what is this world coming to? whatever happened to justice is served and will continue to be served and the innocent will be protected!!!! bull shit!!!

  49. kat says

    Are you kidding!!!! I was under the impression that he was not allowed to own anymore dogs!!!!!! Freakin Scumbag. He gets special treatment because he is a professional athlete!! He makes me sick and i hope he rots in hell. the horrible things he did to those beautiful animals and yet he owns another one!!! I hate his guts!!!!

  50. Brock says

    He should not have the honor of a dogs company and no dog should have Vick in their lives! Vick is mean heartless man and I have no use for him!!!

  51. Weasel says

    Why should he be allowed to have a dog or any pet after that, we should put him in a ring with our mallis

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