Meet Borg, The Dog That Saved His Owner

borg (1)

While walking his dog, a man was hit by a car. His dog, Borg, who is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog, barked in order to notify people that something was wrong. He also ran home to let the victim’s wife know that Benny was hurt.

Borg’s barking made such a scene that others noticed and called 911 once they saw Benny’s body left on the street. Benny has an injured face and leg but he will make a full recovery.

Borg, man’s best friend and now a hero too. Good boy!

Written by Ivanna Chetty.


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    hey, first time i ever found a story about a Catahoula Leopard and this is about one saving his owner’s life! i knew they were smart! this ones coat looks a lot like our Patches, difference is this one doesnt have the stand up ears liek our boy does! i read that if being showed, stand up ears docked points off theri score…i dont care, i like his big stand up ears! maybe he is mixed with wolf, dingo or coyote…de does look a bit like coyote!! 😉

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