German Shepherd Saved From Death By Man Dressed As Policeman


DENMARK — A German shepherd named Thor was scheduled for destruction by officials in Denmark. However, the dog was napped by a fake police officer and rescued from his almost certain death.

According to Copenhagen Post, a person dressed as a police officer walked into the Hestehavehus Hundepension kennel and snatched up the pup.

The reason for the ordered destruction was an incident involving a small dog. The dog reportedly scared Thor, causing him to bite the small dog. The injuries suffered by the bite were deemed serious enough to order the destruction of Thor.

Thor’s current whereabouts are unknown to all but the fake officer.

UPDATE: The officer who was thought to be fake was actually reported to be a real officer. His name is Lars Bo Lomholt and has 20 years of experience as an officer. His tenure is now in jeapordy, as he risks losing his job and acquiring fines for the dog-napping.

However, he claimed to stand by his actions. He explained “I know I did something crappy, But I had simply had enough.”

It is unknown at this time what will happen to Thor.

Written By: Lauren Varga


  1. says

    Good man. I hope Thor will be okay. If the Officer faces fines, I’m sure word will get out on FaceBook and we can get a fund going to pay them for him. Acts like this should be rewarded, not punished!

  2. says

    If a person can intervene and take a dog like Thor and keep him safe, Thor deserves a second chance. The officer should get his job back and everyone can move on. Without knowing the details, Thor could have reacted defensively, and with no history of this biting others – another chance to live a great life is deserved.

  3. Sue Ingham says

    Yes, let him keep his job and keep Thor. Thor was only doing what dogs do…If the little dog scared Thor, it isn’t Thor’s fault.

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