Facebook Post Initiates Felony Charges For Dogfighting

A disturbing video posted to Facebook has authorities in Louisiana looking to file felony charges for dogfighting.

The Advocate in Baton Rouge Louisiana reports that a video posted by user Kendrick Drummond contained graphic scenes of dog fighting as dozens of spectators watched and cheered on the canine combatants. The video was brought to the attention of Tangi Humane Society Director Randy Stegall through emails and messages from people who had seen the video.

Drummond, whose Facebook profile has since been deleted, as an Amite address, but the video claimed that the location was Lafayette, leading authorities to try and determine if the crime happened in Tangipahoa Parish or Lafayette Parish.

The Tangi Humane Society is working with Lafayette PD, the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office, Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office and State Police to ID the people in the video, as well as looking for clues to the location of the dog fight so that warrants can be issued and served.

Lafayette law enforcement have a potential ID on one person in the video and have received a cell phone believed to be used by Drummond and registered to someone in Lafayette.

The Advocate quoted Stegall as saying: “Once we ID one of them and get them pulled, we’ll probably get the rest of them. These are felony charges, so somebody’s bound to start talking.”

Louisiana State law makes it a felony to operate, promote, profit from, or attend a dog fight, punishable by a fine from $1000.00 – $25,000.00 and/or 1-10 years in prison.

Let justice prevail.

Written by Trisha Lewis


  1. akd1953 says

    I hope the participants and spectators will be found and all of them prosicuted to the maximum the law currently allows. also the currents laws will be strengthened. This is a begining.

  2. says

    Put each of them (DON’T really want to call them human!) in a cage with a dogs they trained/ABUSED ENOUGH – taught to fight & see how long the human lasts, then leave the human alone (chained to &) in the cage with the injuries and NO medical attention.

  3. kathy says

    Another pos human that instead of getting a damn job use innocent animals , we need stronger laws to protect innocent animals from these assholes

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