Every once in a while a story comes up that forces the Dog Files to decide where we stand on the issue and this is one of those stories. And our answer is simple and usually the same. Our internal motto here at the Dog Files is, “It’s all about the dogs.” So if this venture is “all about the dogs” and their welfare then we think it’s a good thing. If it’s about lazy people that will never commit and that only think about themselves, then we think it’s not. From what we can tell so far, it seems to be a good thing.

Kenn, Max & Remy


Finding that special bond can be hard, especially between a person and their dog. City Dog Share is an online service which aims to help develop and strengthen this bond for animal lovers. The motto reads “I will watch your dog if you can watch mine.” The service allows for people to offer to pet-sit, creating an environment of canine-care and love.

Aside from allowing owners to get some help in caring for their pup, it allows for people to spend time with dogs before diving into the long term commitment of becoming and owner. It also allows for people whose circumstances do not allow for pet ownership to be able to have some time with some adorable pooches.

And some believe that it could help find homes for shelter and rescue dogs by giving future dog owners some help if they suddenly feel overwhelmed.

Founder of the group, Erik, Husk uses his keen judgment of Facebook profiles in order to screen the members of the group. When debating adding a member he tells latimes.com, “he has no [Facebook] profile photo, only 18 friends. He could be a creeper. It’s not comforting.”

It seems that his intuition has served him well, based on the success of the group. While the service started only 18 months ago in San Francisco, it has also branched out into Seattle, Portland and Humboldt County. These four legged friends mean as much as children to some owners, and we have to wonder if letting a stranger be responsible for them is wise. However, the only complaint about the site so far is that the community isn’t big enough. Do the benefits outweigh the risk involved? That remains to be seen.

You can check out CityDogShare.org and decide for yourself.

Written by Lauren Varga