Secret Service Dog Dies While Protecting Vice President Biden


A horrific accident occurred which left a Secret Service dog dead. The dog fell of the roof of a six story building in New Orleans while executing a security check.

The Belgian Malinois was part of the security team which was protecting Vice President Joe Biden. The unfortunate accident took place around 6pm on January 26th. The vet was unable to save the animal.

The Secret Service stated that an accident such as this one has not happened before and a Secret Service spokesman told CNN the death was a ‘tragic accident.’

We believe that this unnamed Bomb Detection dog is a hero, having died while protecting the Vice President and America.

Written by Ivanna Chetty

Please note: The dog has a name, we just could not find it online.


    • maxiemom says

      The dog wasn’t on a leash because that ISN’T the way any police dogs are handled, let along Secret Service dogs.

      Or would you prefer that they fail to protect the Vice President as they should?

      • says

        if they are going to be put in dangerous situations, Yes, I would prefer they wouldn’t protect the V.P. The secret service can’t knock that out. I thought that was their job…..sorry. Just more ppl getting paid to do a job they push on someone else.

        • maxiemom says

          First of all, bomb dog or not, they would have been searching for more than bombs, or do you feel that in a state with some of the worst (read non-existent) gun control laws in the country there is no need to look for crazy people with guns?

          I’ve seen MANY police dogs off leash with their handlers. In fact, I’ve seen more of them off leash than on. I don’t know where you’ve been seeing them, but it is not uncommon in most places for them to be off leash especially in circumstances like this.

          They would have been looking for threats of all kinds, but a bomb sniffing dog would also have been necessary.

          If you care so little about the safety of the Vice President (or the President) then I feel sorry for you. You should really rethink that. Seriously.

          I don’t like dogs being used in dangerous work, either, but since we have no way to detect bombs as they do, then they are necessary, just as drug sniffing dogs are. This dog is a hero..

    • says

      Brenda; both human and canine team members understand the dangers involved in this kind of work. Leashes can be an added risk for a detection dog, especially in situations where footing, balance and coordination are essential. These dogs are very familiar with taking vocal directions, and I truly believe this was exactly what the agency said – an accident. Unless 1) you are a professional dog handler, and 2) you were there, unkind speculation may not be a good policy.

      • Mary H. says

        The dog IS a hero, but I wonder if we can really say that “canine team members understand the dangers involved in this kind of work”?

        • says

          Having been in dangerous situations with working dogs more than once, I have to say they are a lot more aware and understanding than people give them credit for. They’re not humans, but they are very, very far from being “just dumb animals,” in my opinion. YMMV.

          • says

            I certainly wasn’t implying they were dumb animals If I felt dogs were dumb, I wouldn’t even be on this website. Dogs are far from being dumb animals, however to say “canine team members understand the dangers involved in this kind of work” is a stretch! Your statement is an opinion, and of course so is mine! Moving on from this…

      • says

        oh well, it must be OKAY for the dog to be dead, just b/c it was an accident. I don’t think a professional dog handler would’ve “okay’d” the dog to be 6 stories up, with no fencing around the edges. I’ve taken my dog to training w/ a professional handler, and I am rather certain this would NOT be “okay.”

  1. Big Dogs Mom says

    My question also..Why wasn’t he on a leach?…Someone wasn’t doing their job.,,The Secret Service Needs To hang their heads in shame.

  2. maxiemom says

    Gorgeous dog!

    I wonder if there might have been a problem with the dog’s vestibular system, and maybe his balance was off. I had a dog who went through that once, and if the dog’s handlers were unaware of it as I was the first time it hit Susie, it might explain how such a thing could happen.

  3. Jessica hamann says

    The dog was doing his job, just as other secret service members were. They aren’t typically ever on leases, and they have extensive training. These dogs are also at risk of being shot or blown up by bombs.. That’s their job. It’s never a good thing to lose anyone (person or animal) but this stuff happens.

  4. says

    Very recently President George Walker Bush’s family loses their dog to apparent old age, now this poor dog falls to its death while on the roof of a 6-story building during a security check for VP Biden. I hope someone investigates to find out why the dog slipped. Maybe the building, at least on the roof, isn’t very secure. I also hope this poor dog is somehow memorialized as a hero who died while protecting the VP of the United States.

  5. Emily says

    This is very unfortunate, but I don’t think anything could have been done. Sometimes accidents happen, people fall, dogs fall, cats fall.. it’s just nature. Now that it’s happened could we think of extra safety precautions? Probably, but this seems like an isolated incident.. RIP pretty doggie.

  6. says

    YES, the freakin’ dog is most certainly a HERO. Unfortunately the V.P. is NOT. I cannot believe this dog was unleashed on the roof of a 6-story building. IDIOTS. WHy would anyone want to hurt Biden? He is one of many useless tools that are overpaid for doing nothing in this administration. I cannot believe this precious dog lost his life as a result of biden. It sickens me:(

  7. says

    this dedicated Secret Service Agent gave his life for his country. He needs to be remebered properly. Though he was a 4 legger we would like to know his name. Accidents do happen but I think this one could have been avoided , Hopefully this will be a heads up to the dept. towards their proto call with and for Secret Service Agent Dogs . I believe if somebody 6 stories down called the dog he would have jumped… not knowing it was to his death. They are trained to follow orders . Dogs are very faithful .

  8. barkin says

    This happened to one of the working canines in our area recently and the whole community was devastated. It’s a sad thing yet these dogs (esp. mallies) love their work, it is amazing to watch them at training sniffing out narcotics, firearms and getting “the bad guys”

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