This year’s float “Canines with Courage” did not only honor military working dogs but also reunited Army Sergeant First Class Eric Pazz with his wife Miriam Pazz and Eric Pazz II. The surprising, emotional event took place in Pasadena, Calif, during the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade. Natural Balance Pet Foods and US Military brought together the family giving them the best gift for the New Year.

Natural Balance Pet Food’s float was 28 ft. tall and 55 ft. long and was decorated with an impressive floral replica of the first-ever U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument. During this year, the monument will be dedicated at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio but before that, it will go on a national road tour.

Mrs. Pazz flew from Germany where she and her son leaves to the parade as a viewer, as she was told to had won a contest to travel to US and attend the event without knowing that her husband had returned form Afghanistan. The organizers begged friends and relatives not to text her the return of her husband, so as it was a total surprise for her. SFC Plazz was already on the “Canine’s with Courage” float along with other members of the military as well as dogs working in the Army.

The float stopped, SFC Pazz stepped down, opened his arms for his son and offered a red rose to his wife. The three of them got on the float and the event continued.

The theme “Canines with Courage”, was sponsored by Natural Balance Pet Food’s and was selected to honor America’s four-footed hero soldiers which are members of the Military Working Dog Teams.

By Aggeliki Makri