Los Angeles Police Officers Save Abandoned Pit Bull

There has been yet another story in the news involving a pit bull and police.

This time, there is a twist.

Picture a busy street in Los Angeles, filled with people, all going about their business, no one appearing to notice the dog laying by the side of the road. No one, until three LAPD officers happened to spot the animal.

Seeing the dog’s tail move and his emaciated condition they went to a nearby taco stand and got a plate of meat and some water, thinking the dog was just hungry and neglected.

When the dog tried to stand to eat it yelped in pain, telling the officers a different tale. People in the area told them that the dog had been hit by a car and had been laying there for five hours. The three immediately took the dog to Advanced Veterinary Care Center where vets found that the dog had been micro chipped.

This gave the officers hope. The dog had a family. Someone had to be missing him.

KTTV Fox 11 quoted one of the officers, Jennifer Cohen as saying the owners told them: “We can’t afford it. Put him down. We don’t want him.” So, they had the owner sign away his rights to the dog.

“We couldn’t let him go, we couldn’t walk away.” Officer Cindy Herrera told KTTV Fox 11.

So, Cohen, Herrera and officer Valerie Lancaster found themselves as three moms, united in saving the beautiful red pit bull whom they shrewdly named Philly, after their sergeant. They told the vet to do what had to be done.

Philly had two broken ribs and a severely broken left front leg, leading the vets to have to implant screws, pins, and an artificial elbow, in addition to dealing with Philly’s emaciated state. Philly’s vet bills are expected to top out around $10,000.00, but the officers are as determined as Philly is. They have set up a facebook page: Rescuing Philly and a chipin for those who wish to help with the veterinary bills.

No word yet on how custody is going to work out, but as far as Philly is concerned, it’s happily ever after.

Written by Trisha Lewis


  1. noksucow says

    If you can’t afford a dog then don’t get one. It really is too easy to get a dog/cat. Hopefully one day that’ll change.

  2. says

    So many people are such dirty scumbags. Who, if at all human, would just walk past an animal as injured as that one appeared to be? Just like these cops, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to help an animal. I pride myself on being SO much better than so many people.

  3. Ben's Mom says

    A BIG thanks to officers Cohen, Herrera and Valerie Lancaster for saving the dog from owners who has no heart or empathy….. Do you get rid of your own children when they are terminally sick. The answer is NO…. Immaturity behavior always p…… me off.

  4. Babs59 says

    What kind of people let a dog lie at the side of the road for 5 hrs after he’s been hit by a car and do nothing?? What kind of people walk by this poor dog and do nothing?? It’s absolutely wonderful to see that the 3 officers cared enough to stop and help that beautiful dog!!! But it’s unfortunate that there are not more people willing to lend a helping hand when the need arises!!

  5. Brenda Zanger says

    I can’t believe a number of people saw this dog laying in pain for 5 hours and just did nothing! What the heck is wrong with them? They didn’t call for help for the animal?

  6. Susan Bonkowski says

    If California hadn’t made things a nightmare forSaint Tia (Villa Lobos)..philly would have a wonderful place to go and be cared for…too bad California….Good Luck Philly.

  7. says

    This is sooooo heartwarming, especially after hearing so many stories of police officers shooting and killing people’s pet dogs. Bless these men! It restores my faith in cops. They aren’t all cold hearted dog killers. These guys deserve a medal! I hope they get the financial help they need. Share their Facebook Page.

  8. says

    People who knew this dog was injured and did nothing should be ashamed of themselves. Some humans disgust me! Thank goodness for the wonderful police officers. Does someone have the FB link for donations?

  9. Trish Battersby says

    There would be alot of people who couldn’t afford $10k but hey should at least had the dog put out of its misery. Perhaps its lucky for the dog that they didn’t in this case

  10. Pitbull Luva says

    It’s so pathetic that all of those witnesses knew the poor dog had been hit by a car and had been suffering in pain for 5 hours but not one of them ever bothered to step up and do what the officer’s did for Philly. Philly is very lucky he was found by three women and not three men. This story could have had a sad ending.

  11. says

    A sad, but happy ending story of another rescue involving Officers going beyond the call of duty. I would never have any of my animals put down because I could not afford their care. That’s like saying kill my kids because I cannot afford them!! My animals are my family and people who can’t take of their family don’t deserve a animal!! Thank you LAPD for helping Philly with his injuries!! I hope he gets a loving furever home with one of you!! <3

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