Star is doing better!

The man who started the Facebook page, “Star – The New York pit bull shot by police” got to finally meet the inspiration behind his internet dedicated fan page. His dedicated love for a mistreated animal became a real dream come true and life changing cross-country journey.

Charlie Cifarelli, who was originally from New York, but now lives in Nebraska and owns a thriving recycling business had no idea his life would be changed forever by one event over a thousand miles away. Cifarelli was just one of many who watched the video of a pit bull being shot in the head by an NYPD officer which went viral this past summer. The dog, which was protecting her homeless, seizing owner made a large impact with viewers. Viewers who were outraged and sparked a huge amount of feedback for the poor dog, Star.

“I was so horrified by her shooting and when I looked at Star and Lech (Star’s owner at the time) lying on the ground like no one cared. I saw Lech not being checked on even after Star was shot. I saw a man’s dog shot and screaming and even after she was no longer a threat no one checked on her or Lech. I had enough I was going to do something several days later I started the Star page.” Cifarelli stated to The Examiner.

Cifarelli longed to meet the dog he called “our Star girl”, but he stayed connect by keeping in contact with the people in charge of Star during her rehabilitation. Feeding back the information to the public he kept everyone who wanted to listen updated with her progress on the Star fan page.

“Ever since August when she was shot and almost died, I have had a desire to help her and at the very least rally those around me to know her story and support her. Since the moment I saw the video of her being shot I wanted to reach out and hug her and tell her I love her and she has people all over the world who feel as I do.” Cifarelli explained to The Examiner.

Cifarelli detailed to The Examiner his journey to meet the legendary Star:

“This week, I left my home in Nebraska and some 12 hours later I would meet my hero dog “Star.”

“It was surreal I would go through several doors, a long corridor and a steel door along with a gate. The lights were dim I was a guest in this facility which treats animals with care, the way that all animals should live. It was quiet with classical music being played. Instead of dogs that bark you could hear a pin drop. As I entered her large 20 x 20 room a rush of emotions entered me I was finally here I made it to see the dog who I have wrote about, talk about, I was even on the radio in the U.K talking about her.”

“I saw Star!”

“The words came out of me ‘Hey Star Girl it’s me Charlie.’ She sat for me and gave me that look with a wide smile, her trademark look. The lights were turned on for me and I literally hugged her for what seemed like an eternity. I hugged her for me and the whole world and realized how fortunate I was to be able to have this time with her. She has such a smooth coat and she is actually a little shy at first. I talked to her and I hugged her over and over again.”

“I’m quit amazed at how well she has recovered.”

“Her sight seemed good as I played with and her toys she hears noises in the corridor outside her room. I spoke to her doctor a wonderful woman who has compassion and understanding of Stars injuries and her treatment to this point.”

“I can’t over emphasize how much our Star Girl is loved by staff.”

“If anyone had concerns about Stars well-being let me put you at ease I don’t know if there is a place that could do more or care more about Star.”

“Ask me today if I believe in miracles, the answer is yes! Thank you Star.”

As he makes more and more people aware of Star, her story and her love, Cifarelli reveals he himself is a true shining star with a heart of gold.

Written by Renee Rhoades-Harrison.

Below is the video of Star getting shot. Be warned, it’s difficult to watch.