Uncle Sam Goes To The Pit Bulls!

Gotta love these photos of Howard the Pit Bull working hard for Uncle Sam in Afghanistan. And I hope this is a sign that the Army is reevaluating their ban of Pit Bulls on Army Bases. If Howard can risk his life for America as an Explosive Detection Dog than his brothers and sisters deserve a proud place next to their human Army families at U.S. Military Bases.

The Dog Files would like to thank SPC. Alexander Reimer, and his TEDD dog Howard for their incredible service and sacrifice to this country. We also like to thank the photographer, Andrew A. Nelles for these great photos.

Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator

(Above). TEDD handler SPC. Alexander Reimer, of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, and his dog Howard pause for a moment during a foot patrol in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

TEDD teams (Tactical Explosive Detector Dog Team) are sent into the field to accompany foot patrols where they are effective in detecting potential IED threats. Unlike traditional Military Working Dog teams, which the Army has used in the past, TEDD teams are unique in that their handlers are regular infantrymen from the brigade who have been given specialized training in working with the dogs.

(Above). TEDD handler SPC. Alexander Reimer and his dog Howard fly in a helicopter on their way to link up with a platoon in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

(Above). TEDD handler SPC. Alexander Reimer and his dog Howard stop for a drink during a foot patrol in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

(Above). SPC. Alexander Reimer and his dog Howard search a van in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

(Above). SPC. Alexander Reimer exercises with his dog Howard at FOB Pasab in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

(Above). SPC. Alexander Reimer and Howard rest while waiting for a convoy at FOB Howz-E-Madad in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

All Photos ©2013 Andrew A. Nelles/ZUMA Press


    • MyKinKStar says

      PitBulls or any bully breed will do ANYTHING – including fight to their death,to please their master or protect their family. They are born protectors and known as the babysitter dog for years before being exploited – used and abused by a few a’holes who want to appear to be all that with a fighting dog. They are very lovable and calm, easily trained and trust the commands coming at them. It’s a damn shame how many people are afraid of them and how many cities have banned them across this nation. Helen Keller had a PitBull!

  1. says

    This is wonderful to see! These dogs are serving in a long, proud tradition of bulldogs who have supported American soldiers. Here are just a couple of these heroic canines from US history: Sgt. Stubby, who served in WWI, and, in the American Civil War, Sallie of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, who became famous for her loyalty to her fallen comrades at Gettysburg.

  2. Heather says

    Awesome job Alex and Howard! Words can never express the gratitude for what you both are doing and sacrificing for the good Old USA. Pitts are wonderful dogs and will do anything for your love and attention! Great to see a Pitt being portrayed in a positive light!! Thank you for the story and pics xo <3

    • says

      I’m a military spouse (Army) and can tell you upon glance this is not British military – look at the first photo on the left side (soldier’s right arm)… notice the US flag? Second photo, too. And the other side shows an Airborne patch.

  3. MyKinKStar says

    Wishing you both safety and that you’ll come home happy and healthy. Please take care and KNOW without any doubt that we honor your service. Thank you.

  4. says

    CRAZY!!! In Afghanistan the brave dog risk his live for the USA and when he will be back at the BASE in the USA he is not allowed to stay there because PITIS are baned???? How sick is that???? In what for a country do you live??? This is a shame!!! Gasing dog and cat in a country like yours???? Come on – these are not the USA who helped us here in germany to kick out the Nazis (1945)…. Now you have a bunch of Nazis in your own country……

  5. marvin nubwaxer says

    pitbulls absolutely love people if they’ve been socialized that way. the only problem is that if for any reason they bite an object, another dog or a person they will cause much more damage than another dog. cocker spaniels bite more often but no where near as seriously as what a pitbull can potentially do.

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