CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO – A six year old Mastiff was shot twice and left to die after being chained to a tree. The Mastiff was left overnight at the scene of the crime, which is otherwise known as Forest Hill Park, situated in Cleveland Heights.

He was left to unpleasantly pass away in ice cold weather. However, the ice cold weather is what slowed down his heart rate and allowed him not to bleed out.

The dog fell victim to a difficult life in which he had to participate in dog fights which left many wounds on his body. After being tightly chained during his life, he was left with many scars on his neck and bites from flies.

The perpetrator, who cruelly shot the dog in both his jaw and chest, has not been found. The dog survived the surgery, yet the surgeon was unable to remove the bullet that was found in the dogs jaw.

The survivor, who has been named “Forest”, now has a healthy appetite after being malnourished during the course of his life. He weighed about half of what a dog his size should weigh. Forest is now continuing his treatment at Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter and will be moving into his new home soon.

Written by Ivanna Chetty.