Mastiff Shot And Left To Die Chained To A Tree

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO – A six year old Mastiff was shot twice and left to die after being chained to a tree. The Mastiff was left overnight at the scene of the crime, which is otherwise known as Forest Hill Park, situated in Cleveland Heights.

He was left to unpleasantly pass away in ice cold weather. However, the ice cold weather is what slowed down his heart rate and allowed him not to bleed out.

The dog fell victim to a difficult life in which he had to participate in dog fights which left many wounds on his body. After being tightly chained during his life, he was left with many scars on his neck and bites from flies.

The perpetrator, who cruelly shot the dog in both his jaw and chest, has not been found. The dog survived the surgery, yet the surgeon was unable to remove the bullet that was found in the dogs jaw.

The survivor, who has been named “Forest”, now has a healthy appetite after being malnourished during the course of his life. He weighed about half of what a dog his size should weigh. Forest is now continuing his treatment at Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter and will be moving into his new home soon.

Written by Ivanna Chetty.


  1. sabrina says

    I hope they find the sorry individual who did this, and he/she is brought to justice…it absolutely sickens me.

  2. says

    what the HELL is wrong with people, seriously, so much abuse of animals in the news lately ,and while it allows people to see the injustice that is going on, it just makes me so very sad, and so very angry. This is one time where i would gladly say, I hope what goes around comes around. I would like to end this with prayers for all the innocent animals who have been neglected, harmed and have had unspeakable things done to them…. bless your loyal souls

    • Esther Bourget says

      I agree with you Denise, I pray that doggie karma will come back to haunt those people responsible for the pain and suffering of this beautiful animal. <3

  3. maxiemom says

    I honestly believe every single dogfighter should be hanged, no matter who they are. They’re pure evil and nothing but scum with no remorse for the heinous crimes the commit.

  4. Pat A says

    smh. If I had witnessed this happening, I would have lost it and beat his face in with a rock. Gun, or no gun. I’d trust a jury to decide my fate. Animal abuse is out of control.

  5. starla says

    I pray to god,that people will please stop hurting animals.My dogs are my world,and I just can’t put into words ,how much sadness and pain this brings to my heart.It made me cry,just like every other story I read about,where there is animal cruelty present.God bless the human beings that rescue these poor little dogs.I am starting to really think that these people who harm animals,really need to start being punished the same way you would,if you harmed a human being,otherwise,I don’t think it will stop.Just think,if you knew you would get a life sentence for killing a dog…would you still kill them?…god,I pray the law gets tougher on these evil beings…: (

  6. diane says

    I say, we tie a steak to his crotch area and throw him int .the ring with hungry dogs….with his.hands tied behind his back!! That wouldbe better Justice than the slap on the wrist he’d get in any Ohio court!!! NITRO:S LAW needs to be passed!!!!

  7. imtermodel man says

    Find the owner, and kill him slowly on pay per view, with all monies raised going toward abused animals!

  8. Ghost Dog says

    I would murder any mother fcuker on sight if I saw them causing harm or trying to do something like this. any human that is willing to destroy a dog in any manor but especially a violent way like this and leave them deserves the same treatment..pure cruelty.

  9. Jennifer says

    I can not believe that some A-HOLE would do this to any animal. What was done to this poor guy should be done to the person who did it. If he is found he should be put behind bars. People who abuse animals get off easy as far as I am concerned.

  10. says

    If I ever find myself face-to-face with any animal abuser, I will transform into Karma and will make them pay for what they did..and much more. Excuse me if I offended anybody but these stories make me so angry! Poor innocent animals,,I dare all cowards(animal-abusers) to come and do it to me..fight someone your level, not an innocent animal.

  11. smitty says

    Yes, This breaks my heart to hear this sad story for this puppy. Yes, Why do evil people do this bad things to this wonderful animal. I have 3 boxers of my own. And yes they mean the world to me too. I will protect them no matter what. Yes. Everyone should be punishments for the way people treat this animals. NO MERCY! Let’s do the right think for them. Remember my puppies are like my kids too. I hope they find the person that did this cruel animal act on this creature. Let’s prayer we catch this worthless scum human beings. I will pray for this puppy to get better. Let’s find a safe home too. Keep us posted on his speedy recovery.

  12. sadtohear says

    My daughterspuppy was straggled this summer and when she found her…. they were cruel enough to take her collar off and wrap her collar around a pole three times to make it look like an accident….there was no struggle and she was a New Foundland and at 2 months old she was big enough to knock me over! I reported it and called the ASPCA but with out the help of our local shelter…Nothing has been done and we we will prob. never know why and the abuser will go on in life with nothing done!:(( It just saddens my heart that people are so troubled…..My belief is if you are evil enough to do this too a little harmless puppy, you would do this to a human!

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