Peyton Myrick with his best buddy, Ashepoo!

A dog in York County, South Carolina is being hailed as hero for protecting a lost toddler.

2 year-old Peyton Myrick was playing with the dog, an Australian Shepherd named Ashepoo, in the yard of his grandfather’s Saint Paul Church Road home when he wandered away, the dog following.

An intense search was launched combining the York County Sherriff’s Department, SC Law Enforcement Division and numerous volunteers in an attempt to locate the toddler before the temperatures plunged dangerously low.

After four and a half hours Ashepoo was spotted by a neighbor near a barn approximately a half a mile from where Peyton and Ashepoo disappeared. Peyton was found behind the barn, sleeping on his coat.

Australian Shepherds, an American breed, are well known not just for their herding ability, but also their stamina, loyalty and guarding instincts. They are family oriented dogs and Ashepoo would probably not have left the boy’s side for very long.

After being checked by paramedics, Peyton was reunited with his family, who believe that if it were not for Ashepoo they may not have found the boy in time.

Peyton’s father, Rich Myrick was quoted in a story as saying of Ashepoo: “She’s a Guardian Angel in fur.”

Good job Ashepoo!

Written By Trisha Lewis