Alan Vs. Cesar

I don’t think Cesar is evil or a monster as some have stated. I just think he is wrong. And I believe that millions of folks that don’t know better could be putting themselves or their dogs in harm’s way by following his example.

The Dog Files believes that positive, rewards driven training is the best way to teach your dog and to create a bond of trust between both of you. One that cements the friendship that every dog deserves with their owner/guardian.

Showing your dog “who’s boss” and trying to dominate them? Not for me. Not for my family, whom Max and Remy (my dogs) are a part of. They look to me for friendship and trust and I give that to them. In return, they let me call the everyday shots of life. They understand I’m the leader, without me ever telling them or demanding it from them. They trust me.

Are they perfect dogs? To me they are, but hey, I’m supposed to think that. But realistically speaking they’ve got bad habits like we all do. Over the years, I’ve made the decisions as to when I ask them to behave and when I let them be crazy doggies. I think I’ve found a happy medium and by being positive and rewarding them when they do good, I’ve found them to be exceptionally well-behaved and happy dogs.

Do I think Cesar Millan done some good? Sure. His push to get folks to be relax and be calm? His message to get folks outside walking their pups? His stance on helping Pit Bulls? All great things. I just wished he’d couple that with positive training and I’d be fine with him.

To tell you the truth, recently Cesar has been mellowing on his show and adding in more positive training. That’s probably because many famous dog trainers such as Dr. Ian Dunbar have been communicating with him lately and trying to help him employ more methods from science-based positive training.

I was excited that this was happening until I saw this first video here, from the most recent season of The Dog Whisperer. Cesar’s behavior here is really disappointing. There is no excuse for what he is doing to this dog. Check out the video below.

Truly unacceptable behaviour. Could you imagine a person watching this and trying it with their dog? A recipe for disaster.

Okay, so for years people against Cesar Millan’s dominance-based dog training have been waiting for the day when someone finally asks him the hard questions.

That day is here.

Alan Titchmarsh starts out mellow enough and then begins hitting Millan with hard-hitting questions, one after the other. Titchmarsh is tough but respectful and Cesar is clearly trying very hard to keep calm and answer the questions leveled at him. But just by asking straight, simple and fair questions, Titchmarsh attack is devastating.

As an aside, Dog Files Friend Steve Dale, one of the only other people to ever ask tough questions of Millan, mentions on his site that the, “Don’t do this at home” disclaimer on The Dog Whisperer show was negotiated by the American Humane Association. It wasn’t NatGeo or Millan’s production company’s idea.

Here’s the interview.

Please let us know what you think in the comments section and please be respectful of others. Crude, lude and disrespectful talk will be deleted. The Dog Files goal is to educate, not attack.

Kenn, Max & Remy

And yes, positive training is based on science. If you don’t believe me, check out this story about the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s position on it.

Or maybe peruse this site called Beyond Cesar Millan, that has tons of links to professionals against the out-dated dominance theory.