Hero Dogs Of 9/11: Legacy

Ten years after the World Trade Center attack, the working dog community comes together to honor the dog teams that worked at Ground Zero.

The Dog Files would like to thank Linda Blick, Nancy Brooks, Ray Carlisle and Jeff Helsdon for making this moving episode of the Dog Files possible.

If you would like to get more information about what you can do to help America’s working dogs, check out Finding One Another.

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  1. Lavenna says


  2. says

    I heard that in both this rescue and the one at the Oklahoma bombings, the dogs became so depressed from only finding dead bodies, in spite of breed, that the only way their trainers could snap them out of it was to stage fake rescues with live people. These dogs, at the very least, deserve a plaque in their honor!

    • Team Mowgli says

      As a k9 handler I can tell you that is not true. The dogs are rewarded with treats/toys/praise so whether they find live or dead bodies they get a reward. All dogs I have seen work or worked myself are trained to look to the handler for their reward not the person they have found. But all working k9s do deserve high honors as they work for very little no matter the conditions and always do so with gusto.

  3. Carolyn Misajon says

    Awesome video, and I’m moved to tears for the work these wonderful friends (our dogs) do without question to help us daily. They deserve the best we can give as they give their all!

  4. Joan Harper says

    I can’t remember what State it was, but some manufacturer started making shoes for the dogs because their feet were getting cut and burned from the, glass and hot metal. Yet the dogs continued to search. They need to be remembered. It makes me sick to hear about these animal abusers that get off with small fines. Animals are more worthy than a lot of humans are, and I use the word human lightly.

  5. says

    This is a wonderful video of a lovely tribute honoring these very special dogs and their handlers. It’s a shame it took so long, but it’s wonderful to see that some were still alive and looking very healthy. Thank you for posting it. I’ve shared it on my Facebook page.

  6. Grace says

    Seeing how they have grown old breaks the heart. We want them to live forever..but come to think of it they do .. In the hearts and memories of the generations to come.

  7. Jill Minichino says

    What an incredibly moving tribute. Thank you to those who organized this event to honor these brave animals and their handlers.

  8. Chuck Hilling says

    Being a first resonder I know the value of these dogs and I have seen them doing there job. They are by far amazing to watch them do there job. God Bless them ALL !!

  9. liene says

    i think every dog deserve’s to honoured… because he loves you, protects you, wates you… sometimes it seems, that people like tragedy… It was and still is, but people – don’t honour a dog, when he is dead.. honour him every day and never leave him 😉

  10. catsntigers says

    i’m speechless. what a beautiful piece. i collected supplies for the dogs and delivered to Ground Zero, they wouldn’t let me down there, but i was always thinking of the dogs and their handlers. gorgeous spirits. Bless the handlers.

  11. Suzi says

    Some of our Heroes have 4 legs. They deserve to be remembered and desere every Honor. Our Military War Dogs also need to be honored and NOT classified as equipment and therefore disposable. There is a bill before Congress to reclassify these dogs as members of the Armed Services, and they would them be eligible for health.benefits and Honors like a Purple Heart. Ask your Representatives and Senators to support this bill.

  12. says

    By FAR THE BEST movie to come out of America this century! You made me cry remembering my own old working GSD dog, now gone with old age…she passed in her sleep…I miss her. Thank you for making me cry …thank you for the honour this movie gives the dogs and handlers that they all so deserve by producing this! ALL dogs, especially working dogs, deserve peoples respect. They’ve always had mine! I’d heard there was one bully breed dog who lost its life by relentlessly searching that day, it went in and didn’t come back out. Is this true?

  13. Devi Patarao says

    Thank you …… I wept throughout this video …. I salute the canine force and am grateful you have honoured them in this manner. RIP and rest in Paradise.


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