Jean Dujardin

Uggie and Co-Star, Jean Dujardin at the 84th Oscars.

Okay, so maybe the award actually went to the producers and director of “The Artist”, but I’d like to think Uggie, who attend the 84th Academy Awards wearing a black bow tie, received a bone shaped Oscar.

Fears that Uggie, the canine star of “The Artist”, would not be invited to the Oscars were raised in February when a spokesperson for the Weinstein Co. said that Uggie had “not been asked to participate or appear at the Oscars.” This seemed to be true when Uggie did not appear on the red carpet before the show.

But gladly this wasn’t the case. We found out he was there when Uggie showed up on the screen during a sketch with host Billy Crystal.

Jean Dujardin pets Uggie after accepting the Oscar for best picture.

Uggie was also mentioned during Michel Hazanavicius’s acceptance speech for best director of “The Artist.”

“I want to thank Uggie, the dog. I think he doesn’t care. I’m not sure he understands what I say,” Hazanavicius said.

Uggie also appeared onstage as the film’s producer, Thomas Langmann, Hazanavicius and “The Artist” cast accepted the Oscar for best picture.

This will probably be Uggie’s final awards show appearance. The 10-year-old Golden Collar winner will now retire from the film industry, according to his trainer, who doesn’t want to put him through 10 to 14 hour workdays anymore.

It was great having Uggie around during this awards show season and if you haven’t seen his awesome performance in “The Artist”, what are you waiting for?

Uggie up on the main stage helping accept the Oscar for best picture.