Van Halen's David Lee Roth On Herding Dogs: Cool Video

If you remember Diamond Dave from Van Halen fame you may be surprised when you watch the video. He’s still loud and funny, but this shows a side of him that few have seen. Enjoy!


  1. says

    I had no idea that’s what he was into!  What a great video and you can tell Diamond Dave truly enjoys his dogs and all their hard work.  That’s how a handler should be loving and excited about what he can accomplish with his dogs.  Did you guys shoot the video? 

  2. fran martinez says

    I really enjoyed Watching David lee’s herding Video…super cool …I did some herding In the past with two of my cattle dogs…..and was unsucessful at It…..But!…..I have a great little australian shepherd girl who Is a natural at It…I think Its a great way to spend time with ur Dogs and they enjoy It too!……Dog’s…RULE!!!!…….Laugh!

  3. Fireptdogs says

    Hey there Dave, this is an email from a name from your past.  Eaton Canyon Riding Club, do you remember me?  I also had Australian Shepherds but nothing like your Border Collies.  It’s me Danielle.  Dennis, my ex & I had horses in training in Pasadena & you rode some Palomino Fox Trotters for us & you mother rode with us also. Just wanted to say this is a great video!!   Good luck with your new album.
    Stay well.
    Danielle Henderson-Prosser
    Pasadena CA

  4. says

    Absolutely fantastic! More folks need to see this and I think Dave could do a lot for teaching owner responsibility and cool activities to do with active and/or working breeds. Hope only positive training techniques are used (not a fan of whispering, bullying, or using aversive techniques).

    For the best effect, a demo of herding and then at the end introducing the handler as Dave would rock everyone’s world. Keep up the great work! Melissa Knox, dog trainer in Texas

  5. Steveknotek says

    5.22.12  Hello Diamond Dave…
    Just caught the St. Paul, MN VH show with my 12 year old son…what a “FANTASTIC SHOW”!!!!!!!!!How cool it was to be able to treat my son (an aspiring drummer) to an evening of shear Rock and Roll with frontman David Lee Roth, Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang VanHalen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was floored to see that during the show you provided your “Photo Album” of your border colliesand handling skills and spoke of places around the world where you’ve competed or will compete.I’ve followed VH over the years and remember that first VH concert when you guys opened for Black Sabbath in Milwaukee late 1970’s. Yah, I’m old, but it’s still like yesterday to me as well, but truly thank you for all the great music & fun times you’ve provided VH fans all over the world!!!!!
    Now in 2012, I’m 51 years old, I have a 17 year old daughter that will represent the United States
    At European Open Jr. Agility Competition in Pinkafeld Austria with her 8 year old Blue Merle Border Collie named “Lady”. This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity for Brooke yet the logistics of competing with a dog overseas present many hurdles for adult handlers and even more for teen handlers – especially with regards to finances. Fundraising “fun matches” and bake sales have been organized by local animal groups to help Brooke and Lady.  The family has setup a donation account any US BANK under Brooke and Lady USA Agility Team agility competition. Donation deadline 7.1.12.

    or contact Rob at RD Schwantz Powersports Creatives 763-370-2057 with any questions.

    Might as well…

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