The Story Of Robbie The Pit Bull

Robbie giving me one of his many "cute" looks.

Robbie giving me one of his many "cute" looks.

On Saturday, December 17, 2011, I went to meet Ylva and her dog, Robbie. We were filming them for a video for Eleventh Hour Rescue in Morris County, New Jersey.

Robbie is a pit bull that had been starved and beaten for years. Eleventh Hour rescued him and they placed him in a great foster home and nursed him back to life.

As I interviewed his new owner, Ylva, I thought that Robbie was just a dog that had needed a home. Then Ylva showed me the photo of Robbie when Eleventh Hour first got him. The change is amazing.

Robbie is an incredible, cute and loving pit bull that hit the jackpot. But many pitties never even get a chance to pull the lever. They are judged guilty of being a Pit Bull and then put to death.

I thought I’d share some video grabs of Robbie and Ylva from the day’s event. At the end, you’ll see how Robbie first looked when Eleventh Hour Rescue received him.

Kenn Bell

Ylva and Robbie during the interview.

Ylva and Robbie during the interview.

Robbie loves to cuddle!

Robbie loves to cuddle!

Robbie the Pit Bull.

Robbie the Pit Bull.

Robbie strikes a pose!

Robbie strikes a pose!

Robbie and Ylva, best friend's forever!

Robbie and Ylva, best friend's forever!

Robbie as he came to Eleventh Hour Rescue. The change is unbelievable!

Robbie as he came to Eleventh Hour Rescue. The change is unbelievable!


  1. Catherine says

    Ylva, it is people like you who give hope to all – the pitties, the given-up souls of the world, and to people!  Thank you for your hard work, definite struggles, trials and tribulations, patience and love to bring Robbie back to being the dog he was always meant to be.   

  2. Ottobean says

    Was there the day this boy walked into our kennel. He broke my heart. I actually cried for him. As bad as he was, he was still such a loving boy. Robbie soo deserves the wonderful life he has with his mom.

  3. Westiechick2 says

    i agree cathy i love this lady and how can u not love  robbie omg iwanne hug him so badly and tell him how sorry iam for what fellowhumans did to him,but then again ppl who do this are they really human?how anybody can beat a dog i will never understand ..

  4. Missimic says

    God bless you and everyone who goes out of their way to help these poor unfortunate animals. Share the love! Thank God for people that care and share! I love you all!

  5. Mygroomerlisa says

    Thank you to anyone that looks beyond the scars, scabs and defeated faces and gives a shelter dog life! Amazing pictures…this is why I’m a foster mom for dogs and cats even though it kills my heart everytime I volunteer at the shelter. Thank you for taking a chance on Robbie!

  6. Starrfairy78 says

    Seeing that makes me so sad and so angry, yet happy he is now loved.  I just don’t understand how anyone could do that to a dog, I just don’t!

  7. Linda Hann2010 says

    It’s like the story of the uckly-duckling, but with a cruel twist at the beginning.  He is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Those soulful eyes just dig into my heart.  Ylva, you are awesome!

  8. Rachel Seigel says

    He’s a beautiful boy, and his colouring and markings are the same as our American Bulldog who is also a rescue. Thank goodness for you who gave that sweetheart the life he deserves. 

  9. Mydogsnme says

    Isn’t it amazing what just care and food will do? Congratulations Robbie and thank you to Eleventh Hour rescue and Ylva :)

  10. Bkbeane says

    ….what a LLD (lucky damn dog) — amazing transformation, LUCKY!  I so wish every abused/mistreated dog could be this fortunate. God bless Eleventh Hour Rescue and Ylva for helping Robbie to finally enjoy his life.

  11. Cheryl says

    He is stunning, beautiful dog and so proud,  Thank you to those who rescued him and saved him,  thank you to the ones who gave him a forever home,  You are blessed <3<3<3

  12. Jxayyabanha says

    Oooh look at that handsome boy, he looks great now.. I don’t understand how anyone can do harm to any animal. Just because they can’t speak does not mean thay don’t hurt.. I love my pitbull, and seeing abuse pitbulls or any dogs breaks my heart. I thank everyone who saves the lives of animals.

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