Missing Bulldog Jaggar

A Woodland, Washington woman said thieves stole her dog and are threatening to kill him if they don’t get the drugs and money they want.

Jennifer Thomas told KATU News she saw a man and a woman in her driveway just before she noticed her English bulldog, “Jaggar”, was missing. That was ten days ago.

Since then, Thomas says she’s received disturbing text messages from people claiming to have her dog.

“People have a hard time even believing it,” Thomas said. “I can’t believe it! This kind of stuff doesn’t happen in our lives.”

She said she is afraid to go home, and is staying with a friend in Portland.

Thomas said the people who took Jaggar knew she was in a wheelchair, and she takes prescription painkillers. The thieves want money, and all of her drugs, Thomas said.

Thomas read KATU News a text message she received that said: “If you don’t do exactly as you’re told the next few messages will be of your friend slowly getting tortured to death. And do us both a favor, keep this to yourself, no cops.”

Thomas has been in contact with Cowlitz County investigators about the theft. She told KATU News Monday that the investigator on the case is on vacation for a week.

Calls to the sheriff’s office from KATU News have not been returned.

Thomas doesn’t have the money to pay the thieves, and she said she can’t live without her medication. She’s worried about what may happen if the thieves don’t get what they want.

“I don’t have these people in my life. I take medicine because I was in an accident. That’s it,” said Thomas. “I just want to know he’s safe and I want him back.”