It may be fun to pop into a pet store at the mall while running errands to get in some cuddle time with the adorable puppy in the window but those days may soon be over.

At least they will be for patrons of Petland, a pet store chain with branches in Canada and the U.S. The chain has announced that they will be phasing out the sale of puppies and kittens in their Canadian stores (American branches are not participating), much to the delight of groups dedicated to protecting animals’ rights.  

Jennifer Kaiser, co-founder of a puppy advocate group called Actions Speak Louder Calgary, calling Petland’s move a “great step forward” and one that “will definitely help bring more attention to rescue pets and pet overpopulation.” Customers are also happy, citing the depressing scene of the animals trapped in the small glass cages.

But where will I go to pet fluffy kittens when I’m sad, you might ask?

Petland reports that the company will still be facilitating adoptions through their own Adopt-a-Pet program and the Petland Pets for Life Foundation, which both work to find good homes for rescued and homeless animals.

Interestingly, this decision to save these beloved pets from tiny glass cages doesn’t seem to be a moral one for the company but rather a money saving strategy as there appears to be a decline in store sales now that more and more people are finding their pets through online services.

Says Robert Brissette, CEO of Petland, “Our business decision to end these sales was a tough one and was based on business fundamentals.”