Colorado Dog Thrown From Car

A dog thrown out a car window into the middle of a busy Colorado highway last week is recovering at an animal shelter in Teller County, Colorado.

A couple told workers at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter that when they saw the dog get tossed out of the car, they blocked traffic, approached the dog lying in the middle of the highway and picked her up. They took her to the Teller County shelter.

Shelter workers have named the dog Mystery. She’s about 13 pounds, white with unusual black facial markings, a short tail and long thin face, possibly a Terrier mix.

Workers said when Mystery arrived, she could not stand or walk. After an exam and several X-rays, a vet determined that Mystery had several fractures in her pelvis and a severe older break in her left rear leg.

Vets say Mystery is good-natured and is welcoming the attention at the clinic.

The shelter is trying to raise money to pay for treating Mystery’s severe injuries. Learn more on the new Teller County Regional Animal Shelter’s website.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files