Qualcomm Tagg

Qualcomm. You’ve probably heard of them. Chances are pretty solid that you’ve got a bit of Qualcomm in your pocket right now — if you’ve got any recent, popular Android phone in there, that is.

Well now Qualcomm is exploring a totally new market: building rechargeable GPS collars that help you track down your lost dog.

Called the “Tagg”, it’s being built by one of Qualcomm’s new wholly-owned subsidiaries, Snaptracs.

Built to fit onto your dog’s existing collar, the Tagg, which is waterproof, features a “trip” button which will let you temporarily disable the collar, has a rechargeable battery that lasts around 30 days and will send you text to remind you when it’s time to juice up, will upon first usage need to be charged and programmed with your dog’s “Tagg Zones” (the places your dog frequents the most, like your house and the surrounding yard). You can then at any time, use your mobile or a browser-based tool to ping the collar for your dog’s current location.

Whenever your pup roams out of its pre-defined “Tagg Zone”, you will then be sent an e-mail and/or text alerting you that Poochie has decided to go off on an adventure.

Qualcomm says the Tagg’s connectivity will be powered all over Verizon’s network and should launch sometime in September with a price tag of $200 which will include one-year of tracking service.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files