Chelsea Grimes only saw a cellphone photo of her new roommate’s first puppy.

Andrew David Thompson sent it to her the Friday before Labor Day in 2010, soon after he moved in.

When Grimes returned to their East Lansing, Michigan condominium on Labor Day, Thompson told her the Italian Greyhound he’d named Kensington had died.

“He said the dog had kind of strangled itself in its sleep,” Grimes testified during a preliminary hearing on Friday.

Thompson, she testified, said he’d wrapped the dog in a blanket.

Grimes, a veterinary medicine student at Michigan State University, said she found Thompson’s claim peculiar. Then two more Italian Greyhound puppies disappeared that September under unusual circumstances.

At the end of the month, Grimes asked him to move out.

Thompson, a student at MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, later told investigators he killed the puppy out of anger by slamming it against a wall.

The reason he was angry, Ingham County Animal Control Deputy Jodi LeBombard testified: “He had witnessed the dog urinating in his bedroom.”

The 24-year-old from Arizona was ordered Friday to stand trial on charges he killed or tortured three Italian Greyhound puppies.

He faces up to four years in prison.

Thompson, who has been suspended by the college and is being held at the Ingham County Jail on separate bonds totaling $600,000, also is being charged with an additional 10 counts of killing animals.

In these other charges, it is alleged that Thompson killed 10 Italian Greyhounds at his Okemos Michigan apartment between October 2010 and June of this year.

Ingham County Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Cruz presented evidence Friday that Thompson purchased the dogs from online breeders.

The dogs were sent via airplane in pet carriers, according to testimony.

It was also revealed in court that Thompson suffers from bipolar disorder and that he was seeing a psychiatrist.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files