A group of college kids spend their Summer vacation rebuilding and rehabilitating an Animal Shelter in Morehead, Kentucky to help give the dogs a better quality of life and help them find loving homes.

I would like to thank Denise Bash of Animal Lifeline And Rescue University and Liz Neuschatz of Petfinder.com Foundation for allowing me to document all the great work they are doing to help animals in need.

Special thanks to Emily Valentine and Bissell Homecare for sponsoring the trip and taking care of us while we were down in Kentucky. We couldn’t ask for better sponsors and they really do care about the animals.

Like the Bissell Facebook Fan Page and also register and they will donate 50 cents to the Petfinder.com Foundation for up to $50,000.00!

Please help spread the word about rescue and adoption by embedding the video on your site, linking to the post and getting the word out to all your friends. Together, we can make a difference!

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