Danvers, Massachusetts police declined to issue a ticket or citation to a female driver who put her vehicle into neutral and simply let it roll unguided for 50 feet down a grassy embankment.

The mishap occurred when the driver inadvertently put her paws on the shift.

Yes, you read that right. Her paws.

In an incident that gives new meaning to the phrase “license and registration,” Officer Jason Skane was greeted with a large and “cute” brown and white culprit, a Bulldog, when he answered the call for what could have been a serious accident.

“Thank God she didn’t hit anything,” he said after surveying the path the vehicle — and the dog — took. Eventually, they simply came to a stop.

The SUV is owned by a woman, who was not identified, with a dog-walking business. But last evening she neglected to apply the emergency brake and left the Bulldog inside.

The canine soon launched the Saturn on an unscheduled voyage.

The owner of the SUV, according to Skane, “was a little upset.”

Yet, as traumatic as all this might have been for the dog, by the time Skane arrived, the animal was acting “like she didn’t have a care in the world.”

The officer declined to put the collar on her.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files