Russian Dog Guards Baby Abandoned By Drunk Mother


A Rottweiler in Russia guarded a 3-month-old baby overnight after the child’s mother went drinking and forgot about her baby.

The mother, Olga, 22, had gone into a park in the city of Saratov, Russia with her child and dog when she met friends.

She and her friends had some drinks and later she went home without the baby and the dog.

Upon waking up the next morning and realizing her mistake, Olga called her parents.

“She was in a panic,” Olga’s mother reportedly said. “She was screaming that her son had been stolen.”

Olga’s father went to the park and discovered the pram holding the child, Vadim, and the dog next to it.

“The baby was found wet, hungry and in tears, but what’s more important, safe and sound,” Olga’s neighbors reportedly said.

“The weather was quite warm, so the baby even managed not to catch cold. Thank God, the dog had been guarding the whole night and had been keeping away all strangers,” they added.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files


  1. Wolf Og says

    Wonderful dog indeed. I just wonder why someone didn’t call the police when seeing the dog guarding the baby without the mom nearby?

  2. Winston says

    Wolf Og – You and I think alike, why wouldn’t someone have called the police????
    Are people really that indifferent?????

  3. Kimisham10 says

    Yep and sadly Rottweilers like Pitbulls are another breed that gets unfairly judged and called Bully breed. The mother deserves to lose both the baby and the dog. Hopefully baby and dog would go to a home together. How can you be so stupid to “forget” your infant baby and your dog? Are people really that stupid? Wait this day and age sadly the answer is yes. How could people not notice a baby and a dog left in a park with nobody around? That would seem very odd to most people.

  4. Westiechick2 says

    yep thats russia for u they lovethere wodka apparently more then there kids .egghhhh… well dogie to the rescue!!!!!i can not explain how much i love dogs and the dog files is the best thing ever

  5. Princess_romanov says

    Some counties don’t have a child welfare system. So even if someone did call the police, they probably would have done nothing about it

  6. Princess_romanov says

    That’s why we see the poor sponsor chidren on streets and living on their own looking after younger siblings, a lack of a child welfare system

  7. Lisa says

    Hmmmmmm mom goes drinking and forgets baby….panics when she REMEMBERS she forgot the baby….maybe it’s time someone takes the baby from the mom so she doesn’t continue to do these kind of things….just sayin’….

  8. Cjustpeachie says

    That is some so called “mother”!!  But that really is SOME KIND OF DOG!!  WHAT A HERO!!

  9. Suezenne says

    In the US the kid would have been taken away from the mother and the dog shot! And the mother put in jail for child endangerment!

  10. Dog Mom says

    Dogs are the best!!! As you see here the dog is a better mother than the actual mother, she does not deserve to have a child nor such a great dog, they both should go to a good home where actually responsible adults not stupid drunk care for them. The mom should go to jail.

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