A Rottweiler in Russia guarded a 3-month-old baby overnight after the child’s mother went drinking and forgot about her baby.

The mother, Olga, 22, had gone into a park in the city of Saratov, Russia with her child and dog when she met friends.

She and her friends had some drinks and later she went home without the baby and the dog.

Upon waking up the next morning and realizing her mistake, Olga called her parents.

“She was in a panic,” Olga’s mother reportedly said. “She was screaming that her son had been stolen.”

Olga’s father went to the park and discovered the pram holding the child, Vadim, and the dog next to it.

“The baby was found wet, hungry and in tears, but what’s more important, safe and sound,” Olga’s neighbors reportedly said.

“The weather was quite warm, so the baby even managed not to catch cold. Thank God, the dog had been guarding the whole night and had been keeping away all strangers,” they added.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files