China's Latest Craze: Dyeing Pets To Look Like Wild Animals

China Panda Dog

They only look like baby pandas.

These little bundles of joy are actually Chow Chow dogs that have been dyed black-and-white to look like pandas.

Dyeing pets has been a trend in Chinese pet pampering for quite some time. At last summer’s Pets Show in Taipei China, there was a fierce dog-dyeing competition.

The trend demonstrates how quickly and dramatically attitudes toward pets — particularly dogs — have changed in many parts of Asia.

In Taiwan, for example, just 10 years ago, dogs were still eaten in public restaurants and raised on farms for that purpose. Traditional Chinese medicine held that so-called “fragrant meat” from dogs could fortify one’s health.

Now, eating dog is viewed by many as an embarrassing reminder of a poorer time.

With more money to spend, newly wealthy Chinese have embraced the dog-owning culture with a vengeance. Dogs are brought into restaurants, fussed over in public, dressed up in ridiculous outfits and now dyed to look like ferocious tigers.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

China Tiger Dog


  1. Angelhimm says

    I think that’s cruel to have the poor dog stand there for over 3 hours while someone dyes their coat. I’m a professional dog groomer, and would never subject any dog to that type of torture…..just so you can make them look like another animal??

  2. Pam says

    Disturbing, much like the “designer dog” mixed breeding we have here in the US. Let the animals be, people.

  3. Mary-cstoddard says

    He is cute as can be, but I agree, it would be torture to have that dog stand there for hours getting a dye job.

  4. says

    They’re adorable and I’m glad to see they’re being invited into restaurants as guests and not as the main course … but seriously, this is crazy. Dogs love us no matter what, so why can’t we love THEM no matter what they look like? Sorry, China. They’re cute but completely uncalled for.

  5. Mrevelle says

    I’d rather see a dog stand for three hours than get eaten.  At least they’re making some kind of progress.

  6. Simdawggold says

    Listen folks, I love my dog Chester very much, but dogs are around as we know them today only for the benefit and/or entertainment of people like us. For those who think this is cruel, its really not any worse than any regular dog show with hours of trimming, shampooing, and washing only to lead them out into a crowd of people where often times dogs are not comfortable. Breeding dogs is the same as it always has been and is only growing faster because every thing else is too. And my last point(hope nobody gets too ill with this idea)  that I have had pet pigs n still eat pork, cows n still eat beef, and grown cabbage in the yard n still eat salad so if it tastes good, eat it! By the way I would totally take the tiger dog(as a pet, not to eat)

  7. Luluc77 says

    What the hell is wrong with people. Maybe these Chinese girls should do a little work on themselves instead.

  8. Anonymous says

    It has been legalized in Florida. Signed to law by Gov. Rick Scott.   This will soon become a reality in Florida. 

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