Lucky in his wheelchair

Lucky in his wheelchair.

It doesn’t get more heartless than this.

Someone appears to have stolen a wheelchair from a disabled dog in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

The dog’s owner, Dave Feeney said that on Sunday someone took the device that helps his 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd “Lucky” get around. Lucky was reportedly left without the use of his hind legs after being hit by a car a few years ago.

Feeney says that the chair disappeared from his front yard. He also said that it wasn’t trash day and that it was “obvious” that the device was meant for a disabled dog.

“For somebody to do this, they knew what they were doing,” Feeney says.

Police say they’re looking into the incident.

Thankfully however, Lucky’s story does have a happy ending thanks to a New Hampshire-based company. has donated a new adjustable chair to Lucky that costs between $400 and $500.

Spokeswoman Lisa-Marie Mulkern says the company wanted to do anything it could “to right a wrong.”

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files