A dog owner in Colorado Springs, Colorado has to pay $1,200 to the Humane Society or her dogs will be put down.

Dawn Last said animal control took her dogs, a Boxer mix named Patches and an American Bulldog named Likor, after they bit a solicitor.

Last said she has one sign that says “No Soliciting” and two signs that say “Beware of Dogs,” but a young girl selling candy came into the yard and rang the bell.

The dogs broke through the storm door, ran after the girl and bit her, said Last.

Last said there was no blood, but that she did offer to call a doctor or adult. The girl told her no.

The Humane Society said the girl was bit on the wrist and the back of the leg and needed medical attention.

Last said animal control picked up the dogs and gave her a citation.

Her court date is July 5, but she has to pay $1,200 by June 15 or the dogs will be put down.

“I work hard, but I don’t make that kind of money,” Last said.

Jan McHugh-Smith, president of the Humane Society of Colorado’s Pikes Peak Region, said the owners have to pay in advance what they call “bonding” in order to prevent the dogs from being put down. The money goes toward kenneling costs and testing for rabies.

Both dogs have prior bite incidents, according to McHugh-Smith. One was a severe bite to a child and the other incident was handled by the Sheriff’s Office.

“We took full responsibility, paid the fines and made the mandatory adjustments. And now, we’ve hung the signs and we’re being punished because someone came into our yard anyway,” Last said.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files