!f you would like a chance to be spotlighted in a future Stunning Dog Photography Column, email a link or photos that are at least 700 pixels wide right here! This is ONLY for incredible photgraphs, NOT snapshots. Please DO NOT send us photos that have watermarks. Make sure to provide us with your full name, town, state and your doggie’s name.

It’s always so much fun putting together the Stunning Dog Photography post using photos sent to us from the Dog Files Community. Keep those stunning photos coming and I hope to do more and more posts featuring your very own hounds!

Dog is human's best friend

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend

Water & Dog

Buffy Baird Dog buffy-baird-01june2008-1

If I Didn't Have Dogs


Dog looking out to sea, Greece

Smart cat and lovely dog

dumb dog

boomer (female labrador)

Toby in the Wheat Field June 2008

India: 2006 - 2007