Her time on Earth is limited. But what worries her most is what will happen to her four beloved dogs.

A woman in New Jersey is faced with that reality right now — on top of her rapidly failing health, a result of terminal cancer, the thought weighing heavily on her mind is who will take care of her dogs when she‘s gone.

Despite the efforts of cross-posters attempting to share her story, no one has stepped forward with a commitment to help these dogs.

Hospitals, doctors and medicine cannot bring this woman what she needs most of all right now — peace of mind.

In need of homes are the following four dogs (which do not need to be re-homed together):

Kibbles (Pomeranian mix), Bubbles (Pomeranian mix), Nixie (senior Terrier mix), Simon (Rottweiler)

All dogs are described as friendly, healthy, and up to date on their shots. Kibbles and Bubbles are reported to be quite bonded to one another — if they could find a new home together, that would be ideal, otherwise, it has been suggested that Bubbles be an “only dog” as he can be somewhat selective in his choice of canine companions.

Anyone that can help these dogs directly is asked to contact: [email protected]

If you are unable to offer an adoptive home to one of these dogs, please take a moment and share this story with others. This dying woman wants nothing more right now than to know that her dogs will be safe.

Thank you for taking a moment to help bring her this one last act of kindness — help her get the peace of mind that she so desperately needs right now.