A Dying Woman Needs Your Help To Find New Homes For Her Four Best Friends

Her time on Earth is limited. But what worries her most is what will happen to her four beloved dogs.

A woman in New Jersey is faced with that reality right now — on top of her rapidly failing health, a result of terminal cancer, the thought weighing heavily on her mind is who will take care of her dogs when she‘s gone.

Despite the efforts of cross-posters attempting to share her story, no one has stepped forward with a commitment to help these dogs.

Hospitals, doctors and medicine cannot bring this woman what she needs most of all right now — peace of mind.

In need of homes are the following four dogs (which do not need to be re-homed together):

Kibbles (Pomeranian mix), Bubbles (Pomeranian mix), Nixie (senior Terrier mix), Simon (Rottweiler)

All dogs are described as friendly, healthy, and up to date on their shots. Kibbles and Bubbles are reported to be quite bonded to one another — if they could find a new home together, that would be ideal, otherwise, it has been suggested that Bubbles be an “only dog” as he can be somewhat selective in his choice of canine companions.

Anyone that can help these dogs directly is asked to contact: [email protected]

If you are unable to offer an adoptive home to one of these dogs, please take a moment and share this story with others. This dying woman wants nothing more right now than to know that her dogs will be safe.

Thank you for taking a moment to help bring her this one last act of kindness — help her get the peace of mind that she so desperately needs right now.


  1. Angelhrt084 says

    of all the stories i hear of why people need to rehome their dogs….this one has really touched my heart. I would love to try and help you and I regret being unable to help,I live in the uk. I have shared this story,and I know that when the time comes when you have to part with your beloved friends,they are going to miss you a great deal. I wish you every success in finding excellent homes for your friends. They deserve to be loved as much in their next home as you have loved them. God Bless xxx You are in my thoughts xxx

  2. Jus4you321 says

    My heart is so heavy!  I just lost my Bichon Frise, Tucker two weeks ago.  He was only six years old…..I am told he threw a blood clot after surgery.  Can you tell me how old these dogs are?  My problem is that I have to have a dog that does not shed.  My husband is very allergic.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you! 

  3. Mjh19 says

    The North Shore Animal League has a program that re-homes pets for people who are terminal. I will call them and ask that they take a look at this and hopefully since they are in her area they can help her out. God Blress her and her pets will be just fine and she will have peace. I am hoping that there is some way to get in touch with her. 

  4. guest says

    There is a place in Utah called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary- call them an they may be able to arrange transport to their facility- they do not destroy any animal an will care for these babies until they can get new homes or until they go on to the bridge.  they are a wonderful organization an the sanctuary is truly nice. I visited there an saw for myself- this is really a great way to go.  good luck an God Bless !

    • Scullykath says

       Best friends is a shelter type living situation for animals, yes it is well maintained and the staff are very loving, however it is not what she would want or is looking for. She wants homes real homes for those she loves the most and who love her the most in this world. Look at it this way, if you have ever truly connected with a 4 legged animal than you know what I am talking about: Look at it like this way, you are dying you know this, you have no family and you have 4 kids, you don’t want them in a orphanage or in the states hands, you want them in a home just like they have now, so you yourself is willing to search for new homes for them, so that you know that they will be as loved you have loved them and they have a family not a institution setting to live in…. Can you see why she needs homes and save the shelter setting for last ditch effort? I too have been to Best Friends and even spent 2 weeks volunteering there so I am all for Best Friends but the pups need homes or a home.. 

  5. Jessica Romanoff says

  6. Cronus97 says

    My heart goes out to her.. I cannot help her at this time. North Shore is a good idea..This is posted on Facebook. Maybe someone will come foward.n

  7. Cheruk815 says

     MJH…whoever you are…God bless you for calling the North Shore Animal League in the US to help this woman and her precious babies. I used to donate to them when I lived in the states. http://www.pets911.comwas what you listed on your posting and I am so in hopes someone can help this wonderful woman. xx   

  8. S Rojo says

    I would take all of them but I have 6 of my own. I really hope someone can give all of them a safe loving home. This is like trying to find homes for your children. To me my dogs are my life even tho I have kids that are grown and all I still consider my dogs my kids. I sincerely hope someone can take them. Theyll all be in my prayers… 

  9. animalangel1 says

    I’ve re-posted it to my FB page as well AND asked that everyone of my friends re-post it as well!  My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your dogs!!!!

  10. says

    OMG we should all thank God he spares us from this. My hearts breaks as I look at my 16 year old and my little 6 year old terrier and how horrible it would be for them without their loving Mom. 

  11. says

    Reminds me of the movie I saw when I was very young entitled; “All mine to give” A dying mother had to find a home for her six children.. 1 WILL DO SOME RESEARCH AND SEE IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO ADOPT AND FIND VERY GOOD HOMES FOR THESE LITTLE GUYS 

  12. Buddysbuddy_99 says

    I was just wondering how these dogs made out?  Do they still need help?  I hope the woman is doing okay!  Hugs to them all.

    • Marywilkinson319 says


  13. sehobo says

    I just recently lost my companion of 21 years. A Pom-spits mix, who was my side kick. My heart bleeds for anyone who has to give up such lovable and loyal friends. I am without a home right now or I would be happy to help. My prayers are with you and you beloved pets.May God bless!

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