Famed Forensic Anthropologist Assisting In Whistler Sled Dog Massacre Exhumations

He is the famed forensic anthropologist who once worked on the notorious Green River serial killings of young women around the Seattle area in the early 1980s. Now Dr. Bill Haglund is heading the exhumation work at the mass grave of the Whistler sled dogs.

Haglund, who was contracted by the SPCA, says that when the exhumations began last week, the first three days were spent clearing off  “hundreds of wooden dog house boxes and debris” on top of the mass grave. However, SPCA spokesperson Marcie Moriarty revealed on Sunday that 52 bodies of the allegedly 100 sled dogs owned by Outdoor Adventures had been found so far. Digging is expected to continue until Tuesday

Former Outdoor Adventures general manager of the sled dog division, Bob Fawcett, had admitted in a compensation claim to Work Safe British Columbia he killed as many as 100 sled dogs and as a result suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. That report claimed he had to put down the dogs under order by his employer because business had slumped after the Olympics. Outdoor Adventures owner Joey Houssian has admitted while he knew Fawcett was to euthanize some of the older and unhealthy dogs he was unaware of the numbers of dogs killed or details of the gruesome slaughter, as described in the workers’ compensation report. He has also insisted the claim the dogs were put down because of a business slowdown is simply not true.

When asked whether the dogs were placed carefully in the grave by Fawcett to at least give the dogs a proper burial, Moriarty simply laughed.

Her only response was “I’m very much looking forward to when this goes to trial. Right now I can’t say anything about the evidence but I’d love to,” she said.

Story By Elaine Furst For Dog Files


  1. giventolovin says

    . I hear nothing but good thing’s when it come’s to animal rescue’s in our neighbor’s country the united state’s . Yes there is animal abuse going on there too! like the case of Patrick a young pitball pup! who’s owner starved him, and then when “she thought he was dead” threw him down a garbage chute. They are and have been bringing her to Justice because of this cruel act.
    They also help people who love animal’s but can’t alway’s afford to get them spayed or nutured, Even go so far as to help with there needed virus shot’s, And they are able to mainly do this with much needed donation’s, Not only from the average citizen, but big company’s too! So i ask if they can help so many in there country! Why can’t us Canandian’s and our pet’s be treated the same. The only time I hear of animal’s in the new’s in Canada is when horriffick,horrible masacker’s like the mass murder of 100 beautiful sled dog’s after the canada olympic’s,Starved horse’s here in alberta and cow’s because the owner’s could’nt afford to feed them, and yet did’nt want to give them up. Very rare I hear anything positive. And I have only heard once of Edmonton helping to have low income familie’s pet’s spayed and nutured and nowhere else. I myself live in a small north western town of approximetly 4500 people, We have one Vet that come’s to town “once a week”. Our town is two hour’s from any other larger town’s or City’s. And now because of the only 1 time a week Vet, Are town is being over run by cat’s, And are now wanting to make people buy tag’s and put them on cat’s, I don’t have a problem with the tag’s? but I do have a problem with putting collar’s on them, Anyone who know’s cat’s. Know they can go, on and get into place’s that could cause them to hang themselve’s

    I am asking if some one is a Vet or semi retired vet please, Please if you know of somebody that is a vet and would like to come help out, And live in our beautiful mountain town of Grande Cache Alberta. Check out my town . Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada. Area Code 780 . Teri

  2. Mjh19 says

    I cannot believe this….Didn’t Ghandi say that a country was judged by how it treated it’s animals……well, I guess America shouldn be judged very poorly then.

    • says

      Why would America be judged poorly?  Last I heard Whistler was in British Columbia (that would be Canada, not the USA for those who failed geography)

    • says

      Why would America be judged poorly?  Last I heard Whistler was in British Columbia (that would be Canada, not the USA for those who failed geography)

    • says

      Why would America be judged poorly?  Last I heard Whistler was in British Columbia (that would be Canada, not the USA for those who failed geography)

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