Aurora, Colorado Allows Pit Bull Service Dogs Back Into City

Pit bull service dog

It’s a big triumph for a very misunderstood breed.

The Aurora, Colorado City Council voted Monday to allow Pit Bulls back into the city on a very limited basis.

The Council voted 6-3 to allow disabled residents to use the dogs as service animals. The Council also reduced the number of banned dog breeds from 10 to 3.

Under pressure from residents who were angry about Pit Bull attacks, Aurora, Colorado banned Pit Bulls in 2006.

But a federal change to the Americans with Disabilities Act now forbids communities from banning any type of service dog. Both Denver, Colorado and Aurora, Colorado have been sued over their Pit Bull bans.

Three Pit Bull breeds, the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, will continue to be outlawed in Aurora, Colorado except for disabled residents who meet the city’s licensing requirements.

At Monday evening’s City Council meeting, a handful of residents weighed in on the proposed ordinance. Several said the dangers of Pit Bulls have never been proven and that the ban should be tossed out entirely.

Councilman Bob Fitzgerald, who has clashed with Pit Bull advocates in the past and voted against the ordinance, said the new A.D.A. mandate effectively junks the Pit Bull ban.

He questioned whether Pit Bull owners would take advantage of the looser restrictions by bringing dogs into the city to which they’re not entitled.

Story By Elaine Furst For Dog Files


  1. Bmhay1 says

    Pit Bulls should not be banned solely on their breed! Just take one look at PATRICK! Patrick said, “Stop! No more animal abuse!” Banning his breed IS animal abuse! Each dog is a separate case. If a dog, any dog, bites, mauls, or kills, then deal with it, but don’t throw a Pit Bull out because of his breed, anymore than Patrick should have been thrown out because his owner could no longer care for him. Patrick is a loveable little guy loved by the World. No dog should roam streets freely. No child should be left alone with an animal, any animal. Always be cautious with any animal. Plan ahead. I think every dog/cat should be spayed/neutered.

  2. says

    Pitbull is amazing breed for me. One of my friends fed her since puppy with his kid. She is so cute and no harmful at all.

    • [email protected] says

      I think the majority of Pit Bulls are no more harmful than ANY dog can be. An animal is like people and they have moods, things that can set them off, so always be careful when around animals. Parents watch your children ALWAYS whereever they may be; Parents, watch your dogs ALWAYS and especially when children and other people are around. I have an Italian Grey Hound street dog, passive as can be, we’ve been together 2 years and she is territorial and protective of me as I am of her. I watch her carefully when children, men, and women come around. I don’t wait for an accident to happen. Yes, it is a bummer that children and animals can take so much time, but if you want them, then you get the whole package. In training your dogs, use hands off training, so much more hamane, quick, and effective.

      • DAQ says

        No working dog for the disabled should be territorial OR allowed to develop this behavior, ever. Reputable trainers and programs will flunk these dogs and re-home them. Clients are taught never to encourage “protection” behavior. If there is any hint of this misuse, programs will take appropriate steps.
        Using common sense, everyone should watch their dogs- service dog or pet.I have seen some incredibly sweet, intelligent Pit Bulls who would make wonderful service dogs. Alas, I am an apartment dweller. They would not be the right dog for me.

  3. Curfdsmith429 says

    So dose this mean that as long as my pit is a regestured service dog that i can have them in aurora? And how do i get the lienceing for it

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