He let his anger get the best of him and took it out on a neighbor’s defenseless dog.

That’s what happened in Franklin Square, New York on Saturday when Jaime Sanchez, 56, tossed his neighbor’s dog into the street after he witnessed the neighbor allowing her dog to go potty on his lawn.

Sanchez was painting the outside of his house when his 54-year-old neighbor Barbara Bottiglieri walked by with her Dachshund, Coco. Sanchez warned Bottiglieri, who lives across the street, not to let the dog do its business on his grass or he would sic his 50-pound mutt on them both.

“She’s constantly letting her dog defecate and urinate on our property,” said Sanchez’s wife, Antoinette, noting that there’s been a bitter feud between the neighbors for two years over parking on the street.

But when Bottiglieri threatened to call police, Sanchez walked up to the woman, snatched the leash and flung the pup 6 feet in the air – and 10 feet into the middle of the street.

The landing caused injuries to the dog’s tail and ruptured stitches on her belly from being spayed recently.

Antoinette Sanchez was home when her husband stormed inside and mentioned the canine clash.

“I grabbed the leash and I moved the dog off my property,” she recalled him telling her.
Cops soon arrived and cuffed Sanchez. He was charged with torturing animals and reckless endangerment to property.

“I’m horrified by it,” said a neighbor. “You’re not a man when you confront a woman and toss a dog into the air.”

Sanchez’s frustrated wife said Bottiglieri let the injured pup pee on her lawn just hours later.

“I can’t believe she had the audacity to do this,” she said.

Story By Elaine Furst For Dog Files