Valor The Pit Bull's Rescue: Heartwarming Video

Valor Pit Bull

A Dog’s Life Rescue, out of Los Angeles, is at it again with another touching rescue video.

This video may be tough to watch, but it has a very happy ending. Warning: This might be a tough video to watch.

If you’d like to adopt Valor, you can contact A Dog’s Life Rescue, right here.


  1. Stefanie says

    Good for Valor….I am so happy for him. He looks like a very happy and healthy dog. He deserves only the best. Thank you for taking such great care of him, you are truely awesome!

  2. Mytkane says

    I am so happy when people take the time and share their love with an animal in need. This is a shining example of extraordinary souls who deserve praise for all they have done!! Thank you for your work and congrats!

  3. Khbutler2004 says

    Thank goodness there were people out there who didn’t just ignore this poor soul who was deeply in need of a lot of medical care and TLC!
    I’m so glad Valor is doing well. He’s a beautiful dog!! And I hope his forever home will be with someone who appreciates him. Please let his forever home be with someone who takes care of him….forever.

  4. Charlene says

    Keep up your amazing work. I have two wonderful rescued pit bulls and they are great members of my family. I also have a rescued chihuahua. They would not be alive if it wasn’t for wonderful people like you. Thanks!

  5. Lisacabral says

    Beautiful dog, why are people so cruel all they had to do was surrender him rather than let him go and to suffer in pain, I’ll never understand!!

  6. Nurse4pedi says

    “Valor” What a perfect name for such a brave boy! I will never understand the inhumane way some people treat their best friends. It is quite obvious that this tumor was not new; the owners could have helped to relieve his suffering. When I see someone treating a pet with anger or hits, I ask if they would do that to their best friend. When they reply, “no”, I just say, “you just did”. God bless you and all the work you do!

  7. Ann says

    Thank you so much for all you do. Our beloved dog is now 12 and has been through a lot in her life. She was a pound puppy and our future dog/dogs will be rescues, too.

  8. Islandgirllw56 says

    Thanks to the People that Rescued Valor, and Thank-You to the Vets that did the Surgery on Him! BRAVO! :) :)I would Like to know his HAPPY ending with a HOME I’m Sure!?

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