Emily And Einstein

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What exactly is a Dog Files Like? Glad you asked. As the Dog Files gets bigger and bigger we are getting a lot of companies that would love to get their products in front of you. This led to a question. How could I do this so Dog Filers could not only learn about some cool products but could benefit from the posts? The last thing I want is for you to think I’m huckstering you or lying to you. The Dog Files is my life (aside from my pups) and I would never do anything to hurt the Dog Files or turn you off to the Dog Files.

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Our first Dog Files Like is a book by Linda Francis Lee entitled, Emily And Einstein.

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Dog Files Like: Emily And Einstein by Linda Francis Lee

A review by Paticia J. Bell

This is a book about second chances, a woman named Emily and a scruffy dog named Einstein, who isn’t what he appears to be.

Early in the story, Emily’s husband, Sandy dies in a accident, only to find himself reincarnated as a little dog that Emily adopts.

I love dogs, but I really don’t like wacky fantasy stories and was a bit worried that the book just wasn’t for me, but instead, what I found was a delightful, multi-faceted story.

Each chapter is narrated by one of the characters of the book, in the first person, which I found very refreshing.

The story is woven around Emily, Sandy and Einstein. It’s very touching and sometimes very funny, like when Emily and Einstein (Sandy) go to the dog park. Einstein does not appreciate all the other dogs sniffing his butt and he thinks chasing a ball is beneath him. But on the other hand, he feels a strange urge to do just that.

All in all, Emily and Einstein is a great easy read for a lazy Sunday afternoon. A wonderful story of love, relationships and plenty of doggie goodness.

Emily And Einstein
Linda Francis Lee
St. Martin’s Press