Wheaton Terrier

File photo of Wheaton Terrier

Boogie doesn’t usually like the water. But a gull flying over New York City’s Hudson River was just too good to resist.

“I saw her go down into the water and I went after her,” said Molly Pfeiffer, Boogie’s owner who jumped into the frigid waters of the Hudson River to save her beloved (and unleashed) Wheaton Terrier mix.

“The dog doesn’t swim, so I don’t know why she let her jump in—[Boogie’s] not good in the water,” Pfeiffer’s boyfriend Ryan O’Connell said.

“But [Boogie jumped]. And my girlfriend jumped in after her.”

Once in the water, Pfeiffer grabbed the canine and got him onto an algae-soaked piece of wood while she called out for help. Meanwhile, a Good Samaritan nearby called 911 while Pfeiffer pulled herself out of the murk and then called 911 herself (followed quickly by her boyfriend). Either way, the NYPD Harbor Unit arrived on the scene quickly and got the sopping wet dog out of the 40° water.

“She was freezing and panicked… I am furious with her. I don’t know what happened,” O’Connell explained before bringing Boogie home. Pfeiffer was taken to the hospital to be checked for signs of hypothermia before being sent on her way.

Meanwhile, it’s against the rules in New York City’s Hudson River Park to have your dogs off-leash outside of one of the three dog runs.