1. Pat-behm says

    OMG He is so sweet and does look like a lion. I so wish I could take him but I already have my limit of dogs. I am going to share this video of him and hopefully someone will take and love him.

  2. Jops says

    OMG, this is one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen!!! Lions are my favorite wild animal and doga are my favorite domestic animals, I’m so in love with him! Unfortunately, I live in a small appartment and the landlord hates dogs! :( I’m sad because I would have taken Lion TODAY! He is so gorgeous and I loooooove his face and his fur, he really is a lion, although the Golden/Chow assessment by the vet makes sense too. 😉 I like your lion/bear combo! Please tell us someone has contacted you to adopt Lion, please keep us updated. I’m really upset that I can’t take him, I think we would be a perfect match. <3

  3. Pamelaschofield62 says

    what a beatiful natured dog and hats off the the guy who resued him your pretty amazing :) hope hes found a forever home !!!

  4. JoAnneSoFlorida says

    You guys do great work. What a beautiful dog. And, a beautiful rescue. I pray he finds a good forever home soon.

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