I’ve kept these kind of posts to a minimum, but I still feel a responsibility, every so often, to remind the public-at-large that these kind of abuses and atrocities are still happening and it could be happening right around you.

While some will definitely argue that this guy deserves more hard time, I have to remind you that many of these abusive people still get no time in jail. At least this dangerous man will serve a few years and miss out on his children’s lives.

Speaking of his children, I’m really glad they did the right thing. Who knows if their father would have turned on them next.

— Kenn

It‘s an act almost too horrible to mention.

Angry that his 5-month old mixed-breed puppy bit his 12-year son, John William Fleet III made his son and 13-year old daughter hold the dog while he set it on fire and later offered the children money if they kept quiet about the incident.

Thankfully, the children disobeyed their father telling a school counselor about the January 28 incident.

On Friday afternoon, after two days after jury selection, Fleet, 34, finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced immediately to 2 to 7 years in prison by Judge Charles J. Cunningham III.
Fleet came near to pleading guilty several times over the course of jury selection but always backed out. Even early Friday, Fleet balked in mid-plea, breaking down in tears when he learned the sentence included an order barring contact with his children throughout his sentence and for seven years probation when he gets out of prison.

After a two-hour break however, Fleet returned, resigned, and told Cunningham, “I’ll stay away forever. It’s fine. Not a problem.”

Fleet blamed the incident on stress involving the breakup of his marriage, an ongoing custody fight and a day of heavy drinking.

“I took it out on the dog,” said Fleet, who originally told police that the dog had been burned accidentally.

Assistant District Attorney Erin O’Brien said the dog survived with minor facial scarring and is now with a foster family which is planning to adopt the animal.

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files