No one knows the story behind these two dogs. No one knows if they were rescued.

But what is clear is the loyalty and love between these dogs.

Take a look, World, at what it means to be true to a friend or loved one in need.

Once again, it takes a dog to show us the way.

Not sure about you, but it truly humbles me.

— Kenn

P.S. If anyone can translate it, email it to us at japanesedogs

UPDATE: We have gotten word that both dogs have been rescued! The healthier one is safe at a shelter and the injured one is being taken care of at a Vet Hospital.

Here is the translation of what they are saying:

[intro text: Then, our news team comes across something in the disaster area-]

“We’re now in Arahama– oh! a dog!

A dog has been… it must’ve been struck by the tsunami.

It’s totally black with filth.

It’s wearing a collar, so it must be a pet dog.

It seems a little scared, kinda scared…

[text: It must have gotten lost. And then-]

Oh, another dog! Is it dead…?

quietly: “where?” “over there…” “ah, yeah, dead…”

There’s another dog over there, next to where the first dog is
sitting, but it’s not really moving.

Think it’s dead…

It’s guarding it!

Yeah, guarding…

Because we got close to it, now it’s saying “don’t you come closer”, maybe.

Aw, I just can’t watch…

[text: And then-]

Ah, it’s moving! Hurrah, it moved, it moved!

It’s alive! Great, it’s alive.

But it looks really weak…

I hope someone comes to rescue it soon.

Ah, it got up, it got up! Hurrah…

We made it safely through such a tremendous earthquake… such a
terrible earthquake and a tsunami, and we survived it! That’s how
these dogs must be feeling.

[text: The power of life survived the great earthquake]