Japanese Dog Keeps Vigil Over Injured Friend

No one knows the story behind these two dogs. No one knows if they were rescued.

But what is clear is the loyalty and love between these dogs.

Take a look, World, at what it means to be true to a friend or loved one in need.

Once again, it takes a dog to show us the way.

Not sure about you, but it truly humbles me.

— Kenn

P.S. If anyone can translate it, email it to us at japanesedogs

UPDATE: We have gotten word that both dogs have been rescued! The healthier one is safe at a shelter and the injured one is being taken care of at a Vet Hospital.

Here is the translation of what they are saying:

[intro text: Then, our news team comes across something in the disaster area-]

“We’re now in Arahama– oh! a dog!

A dog has been… it must’ve been struck by the tsunami.

It’s totally black with filth.

It’s wearing a collar, so it must be a pet dog.

It seems a little scared, kinda scared…

[text: It must have gotten lost. And then-]

Oh, another dog! Is it dead…?

quietly: “where?” “over there…” “ah, yeah, dead…”

There’s another dog over there, next to where the first dog is
sitting, but it’s not really moving.

Think it’s dead…

It’s guarding it!

Yeah, guarding…

Because we got close to it, now it’s saying “don’t you come closer”, maybe.

Aw, I just can’t watch…

[text: And then-]

Ah, it’s moving! Hurrah, it moved, it moved!

It’s alive! Great, it’s alive.

But it looks really weak…

I hope someone comes to rescue it soon.

Ah, it got up, it got up! Hurrah…

We made it safely through such a tremendous earthquake… such a
terrible earthquake and a tsunami, and we survived it! That’s how
these dogs must be feeling.

[text: The power of life survived the great earthquake]


  1. Sandra Conti says

    OMG, this breaks my heart into a million pieces. Not only are the people are to be worried about but it’s also the animals who have suffered and died in this horrific event. I hope the dog that was hurt didn’t die, I hope he made it. Can’t see things like this, I pray for all the animals and that get as much help as the people do. God be with them!!

  2. Lamcrae59 says

    This footage is both heartwarming & heartbreaking! Such an incredible display of love & loyalty! I’m SO glad to hear that they were rescued. My heart goes out to all of the displaced, confused, hurt, hungry, lost animals in Japan! My heartfelt gratitude goes out to those who are with animal rescue organizations who are doing what they can to find, feed and shelter all of the “fur refugees”!

  3. says

    oh my god. this brought me to tears. basically, the guy filming says

    “there’s a dog… he’s completely black and dirty from the tsunami. he has a collar so he must have an owner. he looks like he’s afraid. there’s another dog… wait is it dead??? the dog next to it is not moving. is it dead?”
    “he’s protecting the dog.”
    “perhaps when it came over, it came over to say ‘don’t come near’? i can’t bear to watch this. oh good it’s moving! that’s so great. but it looks very very weak. i hope someone comes to rescue them soon. it’s up, that’s really great. with such a huge disaster of earthquake and tsunami, it’s great they are alive, these dogs. they stayed alive.”
    “do you think there’s anything for them to eat?”

    • says

      No, actually the guys taking the video left to film other spots and tried to come back but couldn’t find them again. Another group affiliated with a local rescue there in Japan took them in and they’re now at that shelter.

      • Katielee4211 says

        Thanks for letting me know. I hope they are both doing well and are reunited. Obviously they’re close.

  4. staffiemom says

    I don’t understand why the guy who was filming this didn’t put the camera down and help the dogs and get them to a shelter or vet himself.

  5. Pudzzy says

    In summary of the mens’ conversation in Japanese: at first the two thought the injured dog was dead. They immediately called a vet for assistance for both dogs. The men say they wish they had brought food to give the dogs. We will continue to follow any updates on this story and the status of the injured dog who is reportedly still weak. – Global Animal]

  6. Magyarfrau says

    I know in the big scheme of things some would say this is not important but these 2 dogs are just unbelievable. too bad they couldn’t keep them together. Maybe the injured one needed the other — I wonder if the collars had any identity on them? I hope God will help the people in Japan — it is an unbelievable catastrophe. If a small miracle with these dogs could occur, like being united with their owners if they are still alive– maybe it would give some hope in a sea of misery.

  7. Yukers says

    The dog ran up to the man and didn’t even growl. I think the dog approached the man to get his attention as if to say, “Here I am, we need help!” But when the man didn’t respond to the dog, the dog just turned around and walked off as if to say, “Well F U then.”

    Though the man was concerned for the dogs, he didn’t respond directly to the dog that way. I hope they are okay and that they will be reunited! I wonder if they were buddies before or if this dog just happen to run across this dog after the tsunami hit.

  8. Cjustpeachie says


  9. Hlthsleuth says

    Does anyone know if the injured dog has improved or did it die at the animal hospital after it was taken there? I hear that it was separated from it’s protector dog when they were rescued. This story breaks my heart and haunts me. I need to know that the injured dog is okay and that the 2 dogs are reunited. I hope their owners survived and can claim them. This is so so sad. The vets are saints to stay and care for the animals when there is so much other tragedy all around them. Kudos to those vets. If not for them the poor innocent animals would have no one and no way to get help.

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