Scotland FlagUnder a new dog law passed in Scotland last week, owners of dangerous dogs will be fined up to £1,000 if they fail to control their pets.

Called the Dangerous Dogs Act, owners who do not control their dogs could also be forced to have them neutered, forced to keep them on a leash at all times or be sent to training courses.

This law updates previous legislation said to discriminate against named breeds. It also closes a loophole that meant the owner of a dog that attacked a child in its home could not be held responsible if the breed was not listed as dangerous.

The legislation was welcomed by The Dogs Trust’s Clarissa Baldwin, the charity’s chief executive, who said: “This places a legislative focus on the deed, rather than the breed of dog, and will rightly hold irresponsible dog owners to account.”

The act was first proposed in the Scottish Parliament by Nationalist MSP Christine Grahame.

She said: “This bill gives local authorities and the police the legislative tools to deal with the growing problem of out-of-control dogs.”

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files