LONGVIEW, Wash. – A Longview couple says Sid, their pet German shepherd, helped save their children by alerting them to a rapidly growing fire.

The flames broke out after a kerosene lamp shattered Friday morning inside the home where Wendy Mudge and her three children, Seth Jolly and twins Molly and Mason, have been living with Ed Arthur for the last year.

“I heard a glass explosion behind me and when I turned around, almost the entire wall was already engulfed in flames,” Mudge says.

Arthur had just stepped into the shower when Mudge burst in to warn him. He says everything happened very quickly.

“I don’t think I turned the shower off. I stepped out. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me,” Arthur says. “I didn’t know if the kids were out of the house, if the animals were out of the house.”

Then 9-year-old Sid ran upstairs to the kids’ room and barked until all three were heading out the front door to safety.

“(Sid was) going from each room, barking, waking the kids, and would not come downstairs until all three of the kids were down,” Mudge says.

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