Update 1:

The euthanize list goes up every evening. They aren’t on it. The dogs are safe through tomorrow, but they can go on the euth list tomorrow evening. If this is the case, they then have less than 15 hours to find a home. Please help us save our NYC shelter dogs! We need to save these pups posted on the Dog Files BEFORE they end up on the euth list! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Urgent-PART-2/152876678058553

SUPER URGENT: I just heard that puppy Mega has kennel cough… a doggy cold. This is the kiss of death in these shelters! She can easily end up on the euth list tomorrow! PLEASE, PLEASE somebody adopt her and save her!! Once dogs get kennel cough, they VERY QUICKLY end up on the euth list. The list goes up in the evenings around 5 pm. Then they start killing dogs the next day … as early as 6 am in Brooklyn. SHE IS SUPER URGENT!! HELP HER!

Well, here we are in November and it’s once again time for Dog Files Adoption Day. This time we are on the east coast. New York City, to be precise. Please remember that if you can’t adopt, maybe you can foster one of the dogs. You’d be saving a beautiful pup and giving him a nice warm home to live in for a few weeks or months as we all look for his/her forever home.

The season of giving is almost here. This would be an incredible way to start!

Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator

These dogs are currently located at Animal Care & Control of New York City (ACC&C). This is the largest pet organization in the North East, with an estimated number of 43,000 animals rescued each year. Animal Care & Control is responsible for New York City’s municipal shelter system, with three Animal Care Centers located in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island. All of the dogs posted here can be euthanized at any time. They are in urgent need of foster or forever homes. If you are interested in any of the dogs listed or have any questions, please email Erica at [email protected] or call (908) 827-1612. Please include your phone number so that we can expedite things if you want to foster or adopt. We have the greatest need for foster and forever homes that are local or in the surrounding areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Thank you for your interest in saving a shelter dog!

Bus Is a Cutie!

My name is Bus. I am a male, neutered Labrador mix. I’m approximately 1 year 9 months old, and I weigh 62 lbs. My owners surrendered me to the shelter because it was too costly to keep me. They told the shelter workers that I’m good with kids, don’t like to be left alone, and am playful. The shelter behaviorist rated me as a “no concern,” and I even did well on my dog-to-dog interaction when introduced to a strange dog. I’m at Animal Care & Control, New York City in their Brooklyn Center. Please come save me! I don’t have much time left!

Mega is looking spiffy!

My name is Mega. I’m a Pitbull mix, and I am approximately 6 months old. I weigh 36 pounds. One shelter volunteer called me a “ball of energy” the day that I had my photo shoot. I ran and played for a solid 10 minutes before I was calm enough to have my picture taken. Anyone that has had a puppy knows that puppies have a lot of energy, and I’m no different. Like all puppies, I need some work on my commands. I need to be taught boundaries and real puppy training stuff. I’ve just started my life, and so I cannot be left here to die in a high kill shelter. Please open your heart and consider fostering or adopting me! I’m at the Brooklyn shelter waiting for you!

Grace is a cutie!

My name is Grace. I’m an 11-month-old female Beagle mix. I weigh 36 lbs. and was brought to the shelter as a stray. Although I’m a mix, I expresses most of my Beagle genes. The shelter volunteers say that I “walk like a hound and sniff like a Beagle.” I also LOVE to eat. Even though I’m just a baby myself, people say that I look like I’ve already had at least one litter. I’m very good on the leash. I’m extremely playful and love to meet other dogs. When I saw squirrels today, I even greeted them with a wagging tail, acting like I wanted to play with them. I really love to play, play, play! One of the ladies at the shelter said I appear housetrained. I’m a very friendly young dog and know my commands. I love to site very close to my caretaker for petting sessions. I welcome every passerby with a wagging tail. I’m a pleasure to be with, and I’m impatiently waiting at the Manhattan shelter to go home with you!

Glitter is a beauty!

My name is Glitter. I’m a 1 ½ year old female, Pitbull mix. I weight approximately 33 lbs. I have some areas of alopecia on my body. I am the kind of pet you might want to wake up to in the morning. My eyes are two shining jewels, hence my name: Glitter. I am regal to look at, and I am always so happy to see a human coming to my cage. I’m full of wiggles and all eyes when I see people. I adore them! The shelter volunteers say that I a pull a little on the leash, but this is easily correctable with training. They also think that I am housetrained. It’s clear to everybody that I love the company of other dogs by the way that I welcome them with my “happy tail” and play bows. If you adopt me, there is no need to take a shower. I will make sure that I wash you with my my many licks and kisses. I’m a friendly dog, and everybody says it’s a joy to be with me. I’m at Animal Care & Control, New York City in the Manhattan shelter. Please come and meet me! I’m here waiting for you!

Rexxi is a happy girl!

My name is Rexxi. I’m a 2 year old, female, Pitbull mix. I weigh approximately 47 lbs. I’m very sweet and need someone to play with me! When one of the shelter volunteers took me for a walk, it wasn’t even two minutes after getting outside that I flopped on my back, folded my paws in the air, and gave big smiles with my tongue hanging out to the side. I love having my belly rubbed. My friends at the shelter say that I have sweet, soulful brown eyes that alternate between happy and crushingly sad. It’s difficult not to get sad at times because I just want a family to love and play with me. You can’t ask for a more affectionate dog than me! I make friends wherever I go. I need somebody to give me a forever home fast. You will not be disappointed in me. I am full of love and will never want to leave your side. To adopt me, you’ll find me at Animal Care & Control, New York City. I’m at the Manhattan shelter. Please hurry!