Pumpkins Carved With Dog Stencils From Dog Files Community!

Last week we let you guys know about some cool doggie stencils for carving your Halloween Pumpkin. Here are some awesome photos that the Dog Files Community sent it!

Danielle Robinson sent in this awesome pumpkin!

This German Shepherd Dog is from Arlene Meyer!

This great pumpkin is from Deb Kuehl.

Julie Ambrose rocked three pumpkins that matched her own pups!

Katie F. sent in this awesome Border Collie Pumpkin!

Tia the Chihuahua posing with Simone Haid's pumpkin!

Jingles the Beagle isn't too thrilled with Luanne Peletier's Pumpkin. But we love it!


  1. says

    HAHA – Love the one of Jingles peeing on his pumpking. Way too funny. He was probably supposed to stand next to it, and he thought it made a better purpose as a fire hydrant ! Especially loved the pumking of the 3 dogs together………..

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