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By Brigida Mack for

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – As of Monday night, city leaders made several changes to how pet owners can chain their dogs.

The changes affect anyone who keeps their dog outside on a chain.

The biggest change: A dog must be tethered by a chain at least ten feet long. Also, you can’t chain a dog younger the four months and the tether must allow your dog easy access to food, water and shelter.

But there are those who say the changes don’t go far enough like Neya Warren, head of the Charlotte chapter of the Coalition to Unchain Dogs.

“Most chained dogs are chained 24-7,” said Warren. “It’s not good for them.”

Warren also said even chaining a dog forces it to be more aggressive which can lead to attacks.

“It really makes that fight or flight response come in to play more often than not,” she said. “And therefore, what happen is, they become more naturally aggressive.”

Kevin Robinson, who keeps his pit bull–lab mix on a chain in the backyard agrees and says he give his dog time off the chain everyday.

I try to get him off the chain at least twice a day too,” Robinson said. “I think that’s big too. Dogs that live their entire life on the chain; their oxygen level is depleted because they’re kicking up dust and rust and it’s all in their lungs.”

The changes don’t apply to anyone who lives in a townhouse, condo, or apartment. Those residents can only keep their dog tethered temporarily for exercise or relief.

You also have some time to get used to the new rule. The changes don’t take effect until March 2011.