Hero Dogs Of 9/11

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I remember back in 2001 on a hot, but incredibly beautiful day in September. I left my apartment on Houston Street in Manhattan to begin my daily walk uptown to work.

When I hit the street, I immediately felt a buzz in the air.

Men in suits were talking to Soho Hipsters. Groups of people listened to car radios. Needless to say, something was off.

As I was walked past the Angelica Movie Theater, I looked up in the direction everyone else was looking.

The World Trade Center was in flames! And then, as quick as I looked up, the South Tower was gone, replaced by a million pieces of shattered glass sparkling in the clear blue sky.

At that moment, I knew my life, and the lives of every American had changed forever.

Every year, when 9/11 rolled around, I promised myself that I’d do something special to commemorate this tragic American moment. And then it was September 12th and life went back to everyday concerns.

This year was different.

I hope when you watch “Hero Dogs Of 9/11” it affects you as much as it affected me while I was creating it.

That you take a few minutes to pray for the 2976 victims of this tragic day.

That you remember how proud we all felt in the weeks after 9/11 as we watched over 10,000 men and women converge on Ground Zero in the largest mobilization of emergency workers in the history of the United States.

And how 300 of them proved, without a doubt, that they were indeed man’s best friend.

Never Forget.

— Kenn Bell, Dog Files Creator

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  1. Melspetpals says

    Thank you for putting together a wonderful (and powerful) video together. Moved to tears.
    It makes me wonder how many of the dogs got sick like the firefighters, police, etc. So glad they were there to help.

    I’m here via the Saturday Blog Hop. Very glad I stopped by.

  2. Myersjl2 says

    Thank you for this. You did an exquisite job. America will never be the same, but we know we can always count on human AND canine heros to be there for us.

  3. Carolrs says

    I was sent this video through FB…in box this morning.
    Moved beyond tears as I watch and watch again…
    I look at my two cocker spaniels, Ziggy and Zoe, and I am reminded just how dedicated and full of love and understanding they are…I pray more people take a page from DOGS…
    Thank you for this video…I remember in silence…all those who lost and all those who survived…
    I am from Canada…I remember exactly where I was…when the world stood still…
    God Bless Everyone…God Bless our Dogs..

  4. K9 Coach says

    Really nice video. It does strike deep when you see the face of these dogs who go more than the extra mile in times of disaster.

    Every day is a day to celebrate our lives and the best friends in the dogs that live with us, work with us and are so much a part of the fabric of our lives.

    We will never forget those of 9/11

  5. says


    Thank you for putting together such a moving tribute to the wonderful working dogs! I am blessed to get to see the incredible work dogs can do every day at Southeastern Guide Dogs and they never cease to amaze me.

    Jennifer Bement
    Southeastern Guide Dogs

  6. Chief 25 says

    Kenn Great tribute, as always well done. A truly moving testament to all the volunteers. Human and canine.

    CHIEF 25

  7. Aquabum1 says

    Thank you for this powerful video ~ I was moved to tears ~ dogs are mans best friend ~ no matter what the situation ~ they will be there for you :)

  8. Ellen Higgins says

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute. I am a puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and also wanted to add a tribute to Dorado, the 4-year old Guiding Eyes guide dog who safely guided his partner down 70 flights of stairs before the tower fell. Thank you again.

  9. Michele says

    Thank you for such a beautiful video. I work in dog rescue so every Border Collie and Lab I saw (I have 3 at home) brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

  10. says

    this is an amazing, moving & under-reported story of 9/11 – this dog lover just posted this on my blog, myspace, facebook & twitter! never forget 9/11 & its heroes, including these wonderful dogs! thanks!

  11. Jrlfirefighter1 says

    I just wanted to tell you what a great video that was. I am a 13 yr veteran Fireman in the city of Memphis. I just lost my canine partner of 9 yrs to what has turned out to be a cancerous tumor on his spine. Coda was & I still am a part of the TNTF-1. We went to the Pentagon when 9-11 happened. He worked every day & never complained like us humans do. About 2 yrs after 9-11 he (Coda) decided that he was done working & wanted to retire. Since then he has enjoyed retirement with his family, especially “his” kids. Two weeks ago I had to put him to sleep because the tumor rendered his back legs useless. I built him a wheelchair & took him daily for treatment at the vets, but none of it did any good. He led a good life & worked hard for his country in it’s greatest time of need. There was no fanfare for him but just a simple funeral in our backyard with his family. My 4yr old daughter put a pin wheel at the head of his grave so he wouldn’t forget her. I’m so glad that I came across your video today. 9-11 is always hard for me because I lost 343 brothers that day & some of them I actually knew personally. It was especially hard today because I didn’t have Coda by my side. Anyway, I just wanted to share my story with you & say THANKS for remembering the unsung heros.
    Jeremy Lansing
    Memphis Fire Dept

    • says

      Jeremy, thank you for your service and for the beautiful story about Coda.

      Kenn et al., thank you for this video, it’s amazing and like most, it brought tears to my eyes as well.

    • Mady says

      Mr. Lansing,
      Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for your loss. I am a Veterinary Nurse (and Veterinary student) and the proud fiance of a Fire Fighter. I cannot express the gratitude I have for men and women and canines of your caliber. The work and service you all provide is hard, emotionally and physically taxing and yet you all suit up and are happy to do what you do. Bless your heart and your sweet Coda. The memory of Coda echos in every thing you do, in everything each one of you do in your line of work. You serve him proud and gave him a great life, of that I’m sure. Know that every 9/11 Coda will be remembered by one more person.
      Gainesville, FL

  12. Msez says

    Just seeing the statue of liberty and the towers in the background with the somber music brought tears to my eyes… those dogs are the best. The video is terrific. thank you.

  13. daleysdogyears says

    Thank you for this wonderful film. It strikes a perfect balance — a poignant tribute as well as a recognition of the amazing work accomplished by search and rescue dogs. This was my first time watching The Dog Files (I found this episode through BlogPaws) and wow, what an introduction! Thanks for the embed option. I posted it on my site right after I watched it. I hope the film’s been seen 100,000 times by now!

  14. Peggasuss43 says

    Thankyou Kenn for making such a beautiful & touching story. So many tears watching it & feeling the pain that Sirius’s partner must have felt when he lost him<3 RIP Sirius & thanks to the many others who worked so tirelessly!!

  15. Caninescando says

    I didn’t know you were the author of this video until today, but watched and circulated your video on 9/11 after someone had sent it to me. This is so powerful, elegant and honest. Thank you for making this beautiful and moving tribute.

  16. VTcrone says

    I met some of the dogs when I was an over night volunteer at St. Paul’s Chapel, which is right at the edge of Ground Zero, on 9/23/01. Many of the folks working in the rescue and recovery effort would come into St. Paul’s for food and rest-often sleeping in one of the pews. Of course their dogs came with them. Many of the dogs who worked at Ground Zero have since died from cancer and other illnesses because of the toxic “soup” they were exposed to.

  17. Cindylou says

    Very, very moving video. I have the book about the 911 dogs also. I am proud to be an American, am proud to be a dog owner, and proud that we have people like you to commemorate and remember the tragedy and the country-wide response. Well done. Now, please excuse my while I go wipe the tears off of my cheeks.

  18. says

    Wonderful video. Thank you for making it. So many of those brave rescuers, human and canine, have suffered and died since 9/11. RIP, K9 Molly, one of the first to arrive on scene all the way from Savannah, GA. It was an honor to know you.

  19. says

    Just beautiful. This video brings tears to my eyes. We will never forget. There is a reason the word dog is God spelled backwards.

  20. Vlm9202 says

    i’ve cry my tears was falling down, im a dog lover i respect them very much. thanks for the video i feel so helpless to see them. more power to all people who loves thier dogs.

  21. says

    Love this video so want to share it, but I keep getting an error message……  Is there any chance this could get fixed…….  Amazing video, so well done, thank you for sharing….

  22. Lamb525 says

    Today I wear a T-shirt, that has an American Flag on it – and in the stripes are the dogs that were the heroes and responders at 9/11, their name and breed, thank you for honoring them – I know 10 years later we will always remember them and many, who have gone on to the rainbow bridge 10 years later, may they have had good lives and been a comfort to those that were their partners, on this devastating days and the days that followed, humans and their dogs were all heroes, Thank You!

  23. Lisa Fernandez says

    With a heavy heart & tears in my eyes, I say THANK YOU!  What a beautiful video & tribute to these often forgotten important lives who helped tirelessly for days and weeks.  I remember very well what happened on that tragic day, as I was very close by.  These Heroic animals helped to find the remains of many fallen friends & co-workers. I remember how they too suffered with bloody paws, exhaustion, breathing issues etc.  So THANK YOU to all the humans and 4 legged Heroes!  Much love to you all.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  24. Esmbee says

    What an incredible video.  As I sit here and refelect on the tragic event that happened 10 years ago and hug my dog, I am grateful for all of those heroes who came to answer tha call, human and non-human.   Let us never forget all of them and the thousands of public servants who give of themselves everyday for our freedom, safety and protection.  God bless you all  and thank you!

  25. mae from philippines says

    this 9/11 hero dogs brought tears to my eyes :( i salute all dogs all over the world for their unconditional love .. .. f

  26. Katie says

    I can’t stop crying. God Bless those wonderful and lovely dogs. That video was truly inspiring. Thank you. Thank you to all who helped.

  27. Hope King says

    I watched this the other night and was so touched. Thank you for recognizing these 300+ canine search heroes, comfort dogs, Roselle the guide dog, Sirius and many others. Also the Veterinary teams who cared for them helped them stay healthy throughout! It was just a beautiful documentary. Choked up again just thinking about it. Never forget.


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