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SALEM, Ore. — A Salem man is alive and well, and he can thank his dachshund Missy for that.

Charlie Burdon had open-heart surgery just a month ago. When he collapsed the other day, he was virtually helpless but not actually helpless. That’s because he had an unlikely hero in 11-year-old Missy. Normally she won’t go anywhere without Charlie, but she had to get help. So she ran to a neighbor who instinctively knew something was wrong.

“I said, ‘Missy, Charlie don’t know you’re here. You better go back home.’ She just stood there and looked at me,” said neighbor Charles Mitchell.

Missy wouldn’t budge until the neighbor followed. The neighbor, also named Charlie, ran to Charlie Burdon’s house and then called 911. Missy is so protective of Charlie, she wouldn’t let the paramedics near him until Charlie’s wife took her away.