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By Penny Eims For The

Woodbury, Minnesota – A dog jumping inside of a running vehicle created quite a mess at the Woodbury Liquor Store on Tuesday afternoon. According to driver, Dick Coerber, his dog, a Dachshund, jumped from his wife’s lap, onto the car’s accelerator, while he was attempting to park his car.

The result? The car crashed through the front window of the liquor store, causing significant damage. Thankfully nobody was injured in the crash (Source: KSTP ABCNews5)

Dog owners should be aware that an unrestrained dog inside of a vehicle can be dangerous. The safest place for a dog is either confined in a crate, or restrained in a seat-belt harness specially designed for dogs.

Yesterday’s incident is an example of what can happen when a dog leaps unexpectedly while the car is in motion. Unrestrained dogs can create distractions to the driver, or as seen in this situation, they can literally be the direct cause of an accident.

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