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By Larry Berreth for Denver Dog News Examiner

Maybe he just got sick of playing fetch.

A dog appears to have shot its owner in the rump in New Zealand.

According to local police reports, an unidentified, forty year old man from Northland, New Zealand was shot in the left buttock while in the back seat of his car in Te Kopuru, on Saturday afternoon.

Apparently the man’s dog, which was in the back seat with him, accidently stepped on the trigger of its owner’s .22 caliber rifle, causing it to discharge into his rear.

At this point local authorities do not suspect any foul play, but are nonetheless keeping an eye on the dog as a “person of interest”.

The unidentified, and assuredly embarrassed, man was flown by emergency helicopter to Whangarei Hospital, where he is now recovering from surgery to remove the bullet from his left cheek.

Although they do not offer any firearms safety classes for canines, Petsmart locations in Denver and the Longmont Humane Society do offer a wide variety of affordable dog training and behavior classes.

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