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On June 20 the zoo in Taiyuan, China experienced the birth of quadruplet white tiger cubs. Though the birth of these rare newborn cubs brought lots of joy the staff at the zoo had another issue to worry about. Unfortunately their mother was inexperienced and could not figure out how to nurse her cubs therefore a solution had to happen or the cubs will be at risk of dying.

With all the chaos in comes the motherly dog. Zookeepers found a mother dog that have recently gave birth and was still nursing. They took a chance and brought two male and two female cubs to nurse with the very gentle mother dog. Because white tigers are very rare they held their breath hoping this will work as there are only several hundred left in the wild.

Regardless of the belief, this mother dog showed no rejection to her new cub babies. Though this care taking have been seen before the news of this loving mother dog still brings the “aw” when visitors visit.