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Pets are soon to get their own hotel alongside their owners’ at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

A new hotel catering to dogs and cats is scheduled to go into operation at the massive theme park on August 27, taking care of cats and dogs while their owners stay in one of the resort’s 33 more traditional hotels.

The new “one-of-a-kind” Best Friends Pet Care Resort describes itself as a “luxury pet resort,” offering everything from walkies to grooming for pampered pets.

The property spans some 50,000 square feet (4,645 square meters) of indoor and outdoor space, 10,000 square feet (929 square meters) of which is covered outdoor runs and play areas for dogs, along with a “private dog park” where owners can spend quality time with their pooch on vacation.

Several types of dog rooms are available, ranging from air-conditioned indoor rooms, indoor/outdoor mixed suites and four VIP suites, which feature televisions, raised bedding and private outdoor yards.

Up to 270 dogs can be catered for in the resort, along with a further 30 cats in “Kitty City,” a complex made up of two- and four-room condos designed to provide “comfort and privacy.”

Other on-site facilities include a grooming salon, “pet playgroups” and staff to read bedtime stories.

“We’ve taken the ‘best of breed’ in every category to create the perfect environment for pets,” said Dennis Dolan, the CEO of Best Friends Pet Care.

“Our goal is to ensure that pets staying with us have a fun, action-packed vacation -– just like their families vacationing at Walt Disney World.”

Though it sounds far-fetched, the resort isn’t the first of its kind in the US and it isn’t the only luxury pet resort scheduled to open this summer.

The new 22,000 square foot (2,043 square meter) Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa is also set to open its dog and cat flap soon in California, offering “pawdicures,” leather furniture and webcams for owners who can’t bear to leave their animals out of sight.